Thursday, September 04, 2014

Still No NFL Black Kickers. What gives?

The 2015-16 season* begins as another year with no black kickers in the NFL, adding to the perplexing absence at the position. African Americans represent approx. 67% of the players today and over half during the Super Bowl era, making this so mind-boggling. (Punters and place-kickers are different positions if you're thinking of Marquette King.)
Since the Super Bowl era began in 1966, about 60% of the NFL has consisted of black players while the place-kicker position has been represented by less than 1/1000 for black players.
The paradox begs for understanding. Is a bizarre underlying prejudice at play, or are black kickers simply the world's rarest athlete?
The NFL is currently in its 50th season of the Super Bowl era. Only 5 black kickers representing 14 seasons have played in meaningful games. It may be the most peculiar sports statistic of all time, and the question remains: why? Who are those 5 kickers and what could explain this?
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Black Kickers in the NFL: the Final Prejudice or the Rarest Athlete?

(post updated Sept. 2016)


  1. Bizarre underlying prejudice, or the fact that soccer isn't very big in African-American communities... you decide!

  2. Another sad fact about racism in America. There should be a program to promote black kickers, starting in high school or require the NFL teams to tryout at least one black kicker each year. Euro-Americans in the NBA is also a troubling area...

  3. How about a "program" to promote Hispanic and Asian kickers? And don't forget Native Americans...