Tuesday, May 27, 2008

911 conspiracy evidence

To anyone who might be reading this. The events of 9-11-01 have changed the course of American history. In the end, they may divide this country like nothing we've ever seen before. Thanks for checking this out, because this is really important.
If you only check out one of the sites I've listed here, see what dozens of retired generals, colonels, captains and military experts like Welsey Clark and a host of others have to say about 911, http://patriotsquestion911.com/
Of course planes hit the building. You can't just drop a WTC building with no scapegoat. The planes were a red herring. My guess is the plane that hit the field in Shanksville was targeted for Building 7. When it didn't show up and the detonations were all in place, they had to pull the building or risk leaving the evidence in place.
The government as a whole didn't do this. Some element within the government did, and if you read the comments from the above website, you'll hear that all roads lead to Cheney.
There are plenty of whys, plenty of them. The WTC was in trouble. They were already hurting for occupancy, many floors were empty, and they couldn't afford the asbestos removal that the epa was pressuring them to do. No insurance company would deal with an estimated billion dollar asbestos removal. The new owner, Larry Silverstein, had just bought a huge insurance deal which he collected doubly on, 8 billion dollars. This guy Larry is a real gem - http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/background/owners.html All kinds of documents on securities exchange fraud including Enron and a bunch of other biggies dissapeared when building 7 collapsed. The biggest why - that war and oil are big business.
Now, please look at the evidence. Let me list some bits of evidence that point to controlled demolitions and government cover-up.
1. 3 verticle steel column supported buildings all fall directly into themselves at free-fall speed, into the path of most resistance, the elaborate steel frame that was purposefully designed to withstand multiple jumbo jet crashes. All of the debris is pulverized into tiny pieces, even bits from the uppermost floors that were at the top of the fall.
2. Hundreds of witnesses reported and some were treated for ground level and other floor levels explosions.
- These witnesses include WTC employees who testify to inside parking lot level explosions well before the towers collapsed. These include William Rodriguez, http://www.william911.com/ maintenance for 19 years, and many others who are currently speaking around the country to raise awareness. http://www.justicefor911.org/Complainant_Signatures_111904.php
3. Pools of molten metal in the debris that burned for several weeks after the fall. (Molten metal is a by-product of thermate, a super temperature explosive used to cut through steel columns in skyscraper demolition) http://www.911review.com/errors/wtc/molten.html
4. Dozens of videos taken by local people that show squibs (timed explosives floor by floor) that visibly preceed the fall.
5. photos of the floor level remains of steel columns cut at an angle with remains of molten metal dripping from the columns before the evidence was removed. http://www.waarheid911.nl/911column.jpg
6. Supposed terrorists that have turned up alive and well. http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/hijackers.html
7. No evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon. Go back to the first website for more opinions on this one. Have you seen the video the government released? It's a joke, it might as well be a missile - than a plane. Where's the video of the enormous plane with wings and a tail? The pentagon is the most fortified building on earth with cameras everywhere, there must be a clear video of this happening? Does this look like a plane? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12818225/
8. Norad not responding. In the years that preceded 911, Norad had an average response of 10 minutes or less to emergency drills. Why weren't they there when they had over an hour to respond? http://www.mycountryrightorwrong.net/NORAD911StandDownMath.htm
This is a partial list of evidence. Of course you can find websites that refute these findings. A war on 911 has already begun, and there are people on both sides.

I'm really mad as hell about it as are a lot of other evidence checking Americans. This has nothing to do with party administration and everything to do with truth and justice. If you want to talk evidence, let's talk about it. If you prefer to go off on a tangent, then I can't argue with that.

Trying to practice what it means to be American.

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