Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Support a great cause

It's important to give back, especially to good causes, charities and those who might be less fortunate. "Give freely, even as you have been given freely," is one of my favorite Biblical sayings. It means that God gives freely to us all the time, and we can be more like God when we act like this with others.
There are plenty of great causes that I try to give to regularly. lately, I've been using the services of Wikipedia so often that I finally made a donation. Here's the link if you want to donate too.
Wikipedia Affiliate Button

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Moon Manifesting

Jana has started a new project, New Moon Manifesting, and it's already off to a great start. This new moon period is from Dec 27th 2008 to Jan 26th 2009. The idea is to focus on those things that we'd like to work on, manifest, accomplish, attract to our lives during this moon period. Then at the end of the moon we'll evaluate what we've done and make a new list for the next period. It's really a genius yet simple way to stay focused and goal-oriented throughout the year.
Please join us for her show at
Or check in at Jana's website at
And also check back for her blog site now under construction just for this New moon Manifesting at
To listen to Jana's most recent radio show click here -

Friday, December 19, 2008

9-11 was an inside job, vote yes or no.

9-11 was an inside job, vote yes or no.
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure, but something about it is fishy
  • The "official story" works for me
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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Short Story Contest Categories, which are the best? Vote here and at

Short Story Contest Categories, which are the best?
  • Tales From Traveling
  • How I met my True Love
  • My Novel's Great Beginning
  • Dumb Things I've Done
  • Great Pet/Animal Stories
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Random Acts Of Kindness
  • How I'd like to Change the World
  • Kids Do the Dardest Things
  • The Moment That Changed my life Forever
  • Children's bedtime Stories
  • Once Upon a Time...
  • other
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In an effort to figure out the best categories for, it would be great if people could pick their favorites.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Like American Idol for Short Story Writers

Truckee, CA Dec. 8, 2008 -- A new design for short story contests has launched online at, the contest that guarantees publicity to every writer. Vote4MyStory works for writers like American Idol works for talent. Judges are the public at large, and unknowns get opportunity for discovery on a global scale.
Vote4MyStory takes shorts and makes e-books, an e-friendly alternative to printed books. Categories are fun and fresh, not the generic ones of old contests like ‘fiction’ or ‘romance.’ 12 categories include; Tales from Traveling, Dumb Things I’ve Done, My Novel’s Great Beginning, Near Death Experiences, How I’d Like to Change the World, Great Pet Stories, Kid’s Do the Darndest Things, The Moment that Changed My Life Forever, Children’s Bedtime Stories, How I Met My True Love, Random Acts of Kindness, and Once Upon a Time.
E-books go live once filled with 33 entries per category. Judges are the public at large, as e-book purchasers vote for their favorites. Contrasting old contests where writers had to win to get read, Vote4MyStory guarantees every writer and their website exposure.
Odds of winning are amazingly high in each round at better than 1 out of 17. First round 33 entrants per category compete for $500 first place and $200 second. Next round $1000 for first and $400 for second. Third round is the best of the best, Super Grand Story Prize and winner take all $3000. All winners are also marketed as featured writers on the website for one month. Getting started is as easy as uploading a story and paying the $24.95 entry fee.
Vote4MyStory was created by Jana and Jason Matthews, writers who experienced the difficulty in getting published/marketed and knew there had to be a better way. Jason commented, “Not only will Vote4MyStory help writers get their stories read, but the thoughtful categories and Earth friendly e-books will help make the world a better place.” 10% of all profits go to charitable causes.
For more information visit


Jason Matthews, Vote4MyStory
PO Box 3267, Truckee, CA 96160

Sunday, November 23, 2008

BCS playoffs, Vote for new design of BCS playoffs.

I believe the best design for a college football playoff is to start with the top 8 bowl games, which represent 16 of the best teams in America. Take the winners of the top 8 games, and let them play a single elimination tournament to crown a champion after 3 games won. This could begin the first week after the New Year's Bowl games, and it could be concluded before the end of January.
Vote below for your thought on the BCS Playoff Debate.

Should BCS have a playoff, and if so what would be the best design for a BCS playoff?
Take the winners from the top 8 bowl games and have a 3 week playoff system.
Take the winners from the top 4 bowl games and have a 2 week playoff system.
Play fewer regular season games and more playoff games.
No playoffs. The BCS isn't perfect, but leave it as it is.

I Love Polls
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mayan Fire Ceremony, 11-11-2008

Last night under a fairly full moon, my wife, myself and a group of close friends conducted a fire ceremony in the spirit of the Mayan method. We each breathed life into the offerings and made many prayers for the energy from the fire to bring light and healing vibrations to humankind and Mother Earth. Below is a brief video from the evening.

If interested in hearing more about it or Theta Healing, please contact Jana Groscost-Matthews at her website,

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama has people dancing in the streets!

When Barack Obama was elected, the response was people dancing in the streets across the nation. Why do you think people were so excited? (check all that apply)
  • Because he is the first black (half-black) President
  • Because he can help the economy and America in general
  • Because he says he will end the war in Iraq
  • Because people are so fed up with the Bush administration
  • Because he is a Democrat
  • Other
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I have never felt or seen so much excitement and enthusiasm following a presidential election. To see people dancing in the streets across this great nation was a thing to behold. My friends, family (some of them), and I have also been dancing. We have our reasons - namely that we're so sick and tired of having the Bush administration try to choke us with threats of fear and terror.

But I'd love to hear from others. Please feel free to take this poll and/or to leave a comment below.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Once Bush is gone, will the military troops complain or rebel? Vote here.

Once Bush is gone, will the troops rebel or complain more?
  • Yes, they'll feel much freer to complain
  • No, they believe in their mission regardless of administration
  • Not sure if it will have any effect
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It seems likely that Barack Obama will take this election. If that happens, how might it affect the landscape in Iraq and Afghanistan?
This is just my guess, but it seems likely that many military personnel that have been upset or holding their tongues with the Bush administration will feel much freer to voice their opinions or even speak of experiences that they previously felt they couldn't speak about.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HAARP, simple science or military gone Tesla crazy?

Have you heard of HAARP, and your feelings on this?
  • -haven't heard of HAARP
  • -heard of it, but not sure what it is
  • -just a harmless military science experiment
  • -believe the military is up to more than just simple science
  • -believe HAARP may drastically harm the ionosphere
  • -believe HAARP could cause unforeseen harm in many ways
  • other
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HAARP is something I've only recently become aware of, yet it immediately sounds concerning. The fact that the military is conducting a science experiment in the atmosphere is enough to make me wonder, "Okay, what the hell are they up to?" I don't know any reasonable person that trusts the military to make sound decisions that consider environmental and human impacts into account.
There are loads of websites actively encouraging the HAARP discussion.

Here is some of what one scientist (who prefers anonymity) has to say regarding HAARP;
I still cannot get a definitive answer on the ultimate purpose of data gained from these heaters. Depending on who you believe, it's either aimed at improving the performance of space based systems that are being built anyway, or it's a rediscovery of The Secret Tesla Death Ray. It's either a great new source of low-frequency radio waves for military comm or recon, or a new generation of directed-energy weapon that will terrorize the planet, turning the Pax Americana into global fact, allowing a despotic U.S. government to roll over the world and divide it up between corporations.

This web page generates more e-mail than all my others put together. This mail is private, and off the record, which is kind of too bad, because it would make a book in itself. There are people who hear HAARP in their heads. There are people who blame HAARP for everything from their headaches to giant power blackouts. When the Kosovo war came, it was pretty much universally assumed that HAARP was participating. Since HAARP did transmit during the period, rumors ran wild.

There are people, usually with physics degrees, who have "done the math," and are convinced that the military is only a few years from global domination, burning cities, charred bodies, a civilization under a sword of fire. There are people, also with physics degrees, who tell me that the whole thing is radio astronomy, it's geeks with arcane degrees, it's data that will improve life and freedom.

What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to know.
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow, Italy is a wonderful country!

We just got back from a brief but perfect trip in Italy. We spent time in Rome, Florence, Monterosso al Mare, and flew back from Milan. There is so much to say about this wonderful country, so much history, so much art, so much appreciation for life. We got lost touring the amazing churches of Rome's St. Peter's Basilica and the Duomo in Florence. We zapped around with crazy drivers on the city streets and the gorgeous countryside. We toured a 12th century castle and drank more than our fair share of wine and olive oil. We spent relaxing days exploring the beach town of Monterosso al Mare and splashing in the warm and (usually) calm waters of the Mediterranean. We ate gelato, pizza, pasta and fish. We cannot say enough about this wonderful country.
Next time we'll even consider taking the kids.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heading off to Italy!

We're really doing it! Jana and I have talked about a trip to Italy since we met. Now we're on our way. We'll be enjoying fine wine and food, museums galore, and even catching a soccer match at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Will have more to tell in a couple of weeks. Until then, Ciao!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin family: Comedy of errors? Or sad state of America? Who is the real mother - Sarah or Bristol? Vote here.

This election is getting wackier by the minute. Regardless of how you feel about the situation, one thing is sure... Sarah Palin has some hard questions to answer about her family and the seemingly bizarre elements of Trig's story.

To those of you who say "family is off limits" or "leave it alone" or "what happens in Alaska stays in Alaska"... I say in response that Sarah Palin is possibly one small step away from being the leader of the free world and this is most certainly everyone's business.

Now, even supporters of Palin must recognize a string of bizarre elements to the "official story" that Trig is Sarah's baby. Let's all withhold judgement for a moment and go with the story... that Sarah surprised everyone at work with a revelation that she was 7 months pregnant when she did not show, that photos and video seem to have her not the least bit pregnant at 7 months, that her water broke at 8 months with a Down's Syndrome baby to which she proceeded to give a 30 minute speech followed by an 8 hour flight from Texas to Alaska without alerting the crew then to a 45 minute drive to the hospital, which then announced the birth of two babies that day but neither of them happened to be the Governor of Alaska's, and yes for the past 4 to 5 months Bristol has been kept home from school with the world's worst case of mononucleosis which just happens to coincide with the last months of Trig's time in womb, during said 4 to 5 months of mono Bristol also happened to drive a lot to the extent of getting 3 moving violations including an accident, and Bristol being a popular high school girl also inexplicably transfers to a new high school, and then of course as soon as the rumors spread a whole slew of photos and such are deleted from the family's and other's websites. Whew! Thank God it's not more bizarre than that!

In the true spirit of the American way, we might as well take a vote and see what people really think about this one.

Who is the real mother of Trig Palin? Sarah or Bristol?

Furthermore, regardless of which story is true and who is the real mother, it is safe to say that at least some of the following statements are correct.

1. Sarah Palin is lying to us all.
2. Sarah Palin showed terrible judgement and/or risked the life of her Down's Syndrome baby by boarding an 8 hour flight after her water broke.
3. Sarah Palin is clearly putting her political career ahead of the best interests of her family.
4. Either Sarah Palin will not have time to be a good VP or she will not have time to be a good mother for a Down's Syndrome baby and the other Palin kids.
5. Sarah Palin is the craziest pick for running mate of all time.

Nice job vetting this one to the thorough folks at the McCain camp! Let's just hope that it doesn't get any wackier, and that Bristol and Palin family can get through this.

What are your thoughts? Add a comment. 
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drumming in Oahu

Recently got back from a great trip to Hawaii. We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu. I highly recommend surfing lessons with Ash at Hawaii Waves Surf School. You can watch a youtube clip here,
We also visited the Polynesian Cultural Center, which was loads of fun, culture, and souveniers. I even had the pleasure of hundreds of people lauging at me as I tried to follow the beat and song-shrieking of a great Polynesian drummer!

Big fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Poor Guy Ski Video

My good friend, Paul Skowronski, just emailed me and brought some nostalgia into my face. Back in the winter of 94-95 we took a fair amount of ski video of us and other buds doing our thing on the slopes of Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Tahoe Backcountry. We put together a little compilation.

Here's about 5 minutes of it:

We had a lot of fun.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

just completed the 12 week challenge!

Okay, here's the after pics (above the before one) of me completing the 12 week challenge from Bill Phillips and Body for Life. Jana and I are thrilled that we did it, for not only has it gotten us in better shape - but it's really helped us refocus all of our life goals and set up a new routine for getting things done that are important.
If you ever need some help with life transitions, I wholeheartedly recommend the Body for Life 12 week challenge.
Just look at my before picture! That was me, at 197 lbs in March. Now I'm at 182 plus I've put on about 4 lbs of muscle! Yeah, I still have a little ways to go to get that last pinch of love handles, etc., but I'm on track! My workout and diet routine are here to stay, which means so is this new me.

To find out more about the 12 week challenge, Body for Life, or Bill Phillips, go to this link -

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

911 conspiracy evidence

To anyone who might be reading this. The events of 9-11-01 have changed the course of American history. In the end, they may divide this country like nothing we've ever seen before. Thanks for checking this out, because this is really important.
If you only check out one of the sites I've listed here, see what dozens of retired generals, colonels, captains and military experts like Welsey Clark and a host of others have to say about 911,
Of course planes hit the building. You can't just drop a WTC building with no scapegoat. The planes were a red herring. My guess is the plane that hit the field in Shanksville was targeted for Building 7. When it didn't show up and the detonations were all in place, they had to pull the building or risk leaving the evidence in place.
The government as a whole didn't do this. Some element within the government did, and if you read the comments from the above website, you'll hear that all roads lead to Cheney.
There are plenty of whys, plenty of them. The WTC was in trouble. They were already hurting for occupancy, many floors were empty, and they couldn't afford the asbestos removal that the epa was pressuring them to do. No insurance company would deal with an estimated billion dollar asbestos removal. The new owner, Larry Silverstein, had just bought a huge insurance deal which he collected doubly on, 8 billion dollars. This guy Larry is a real gem - All kinds of documents on securities exchange fraud including Enron and a bunch of other biggies dissapeared when building 7 collapsed. The biggest why - that war and oil are big business.
Now, please look at the evidence. Let me list some bits of evidence that point to controlled demolitions and government cover-up.
1. 3 verticle steel column supported buildings all fall directly into themselves at free-fall speed, into the path of most resistance, the elaborate steel frame that was purposefully designed to withstand multiple jumbo jet crashes. All of the debris is pulverized into tiny pieces, even bits from the uppermost floors that were at the top of the fall.
2. Hundreds of witnesses reported and some were treated for ground level and other floor levels explosions.
- These witnesses include WTC employees who testify to inside parking lot level explosions well before the towers collapsed. These include William Rodriguez, maintenance for 19 years, and many others who are currently speaking around the country to raise awareness.
3. Pools of molten metal in the debris that burned for several weeks after the fall. (Molten metal is a by-product of thermate, a super temperature explosive used to cut through steel columns in skyscraper demolition)
4. Dozens of videos taken by local people that show squibs (timed explosives floor by floor) that visibly preceed the fall.
5. photos of the floor level remains of steel columns cut at an angle with remains of molten metal dripping from the columns before the evidence was removed.
6. Supposed terrorists that have turned up alive and well.
7. No evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon. Go back to the first website for more opinions on this one. Have you seen the video the government released? It's a joke, it might as well be a missile - than a plane. Where's the video of the enormous plane with wings and a tail? The pentagon is the most fortified building on earth with cameras everywhere, there must be a clear video of this happening? Does this look like a plane?
8. Norad not responding. In the years that preceded 911, Norad had an average response of 10 minutes or less to emergency drills. Why weren't they there when they had over an hour to respond?
This is a partial list of evidence. Of course you can find websites that refute these findings. A war on 911 has already begun, and there are people on both sides.

I'm really mad as hell about it as are a lot of other evidence checking Americans. This has nothing to do with party administration and everything to do with truth and justice. If you want to talk evidence, let's talk about it. If you prefer to go off on a tangent, then I can't argue with that.

Trying to practice what it means to be American.

What are your thoughts? Add a comment.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

USmile Radio show with Lesly Federici

Hi. Just wanted to leave a link for a recent radio show with Lesly Federici. We had a nice chat about spirtuality and metaphors for the present human situation within The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within.

Just click on the link or copy and paste it in your browser.

Jason Matthews

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

911 Truth, 911 Mysteries, Zeitgeist, Terrorstorm

Dear Family and Friends,

There are times in life when we do things and make a stand even though we predict our actions will be met with heavy resistance. This is one of those times.

I also heavily resisted watching these videos, for the last thing in the world I wanted to believe was that 911 was an inside job.

I went into these video skeptical and angry, angry that the concept even existed. After watching them, I was much angrier, but for a completely different reason. For now, I truly believe 911 was an inside job. Only comparisons to the Holocaust make me as sick that this could happen and that people intended to get away with it. (by the way, there are people who don’t believe the Holocaust happened. I write this letter on 4-20, Hitler’s birthday. Ironic.)

911 Truth is a movement that has already gained widespread acceptance. Years ago, as people started investigating 911 mysteries, the movement was met with incredible resistance, as you might imagine. What made 911 Truth continue to gather support, is the abundance of physical evidence and intelligent people supporting it. (Google it) The tipping point is getting near.

If you’re not aware of this concept, 911 Truth, then I’d like to present the case that you owe it to America to at least check it out and make up your own mind.

There are videos you must see. 911 Mysteries, Zeitgeist, and Terrorstorm. All of which deal with the myth of 911 as the public knows it, the history of False Flags, and the connection between organized religion, banking, and world domination.

When you watch the videos, perhaps the single most obvious smoking gun that demolition experts were involved, is the falling of WTC Building number 7. Please watch it and think to yourself, "what made this building fall?"

To the Americans in all of you, thank you for watching these. At the very least, you will be aware of 911 Truth and the controversy that is now sweeping our nation. If you’ve already seen them, then thank you. I will appeal for obvious reasons that you pass this information on to others.

God Bless America.

Click here to order videos - I highly recommend 911 Mysteries!

Clcik here to watch Zeitgeist online -

Jason Matthews

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A new short story contest site is in the works, and it's going to be really fun! This is just a small preview of what's to come, but there will be fresh new categories for authors to submit their stories of 2,001 words or less. Some of the categories include ; Dumb Things I've done, My Novel's Great Beginnings, Tales From Traveling, Near Death Experiences, How I met My True Love and much more!
We'll be making e-book compilations of the best stories and offering them as soon as they're ready.
So give me a shout if you want to find out more, or visit the website, (which is still in production but should be ready soon.
And when you get a story in there and the voting starts, tell them to vote4mystory!

The short story contest that promotes all of it's authors!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just accepted the Body For Life, 12 week challenge

Okay, the fat and weakness have to go. (Not sticking my belly out on purpose as it may appear. No, unfortunately, that's my belly!) Tipped the scales at a startling 197 lbs and not proud of it. Just accepted the 12 week challenge from Body For Life.
At the risk of showing the before picture, my ego decided to let go of any remaining dignity and just do it.
So here he is, Jason Minor Matthews in all his glory and then some.
12 weeks from now, you'll see...

If you want to learn more about the 12 week challenge, Body For Life, or Bill Phillips, click on this link

Ever done something like this before? How'd it go?
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pitch for movie

Hi. If you're reading this, perhaps you're interested in my pitch or you're thinking about your own pitch and how you might make it better. I've recently heard some pretty good advice from some well known agents, and they all seemed to say the same thing. A good pitch should contain 3 things; a set-up, a hook, and a resolution.

This concept of 3 things reminds me of another important 3 in story telling which is; a beginning, a middle, and an end.

That being said, I think I'll give you my pitch as an example. You may like it or not, but it will be there for critique or praise and perhaps help you in one way or another.

So here goes my pitch for The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within by Jason Matthews.

My pitch - Think Forrest Gump, Star Wars, and Ghost. Webster Adams, never knew if the subparticle experiment within the universe generator would work - and actually create a miniature, self-enclosed universe! Nor did he think his passed wife, Rose, would ever win their bet - on whether it could be proven to him that some type of God force must exist.

The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within is a story (both novel and screenplay) that is as grand as the universe and as small as a child's dream. There are other planets, there is psychic wisdom and there is the simplicity of being yourself and connecting with a higher power.

Let me ask you this; What if you had a universe inside a building, and you had very powerful cameras that could search throughout its entirety? What might you discover? Imagine zooming in for close ups to other galaxies - stars - planets - habitable worlds - and ultimately a whole bunch of life taking shape! Imagine peeping in on advanced societies, way more advanced than ourselves!

What could you learn from studying all these worlds? I don't want all the surprises spoiled in the pitch - but I can tell you that Webster and his crew witness the works of societies so far past their own that the world is forever changed.

This project, The Universe Generator (original screenplay title) is a discovery machine, an overnight goldmine, and in the end - an unexpected search for God and the meaning to life.

Some characters; narrated by Jon Gruber, the assistant to Webster, who speaks in a language everyone can understand. Whitney Adams, daughter of Rose and Webster, who finds the most advanced beings within the project - the spirit guides from Theta 7, and becomes a medium for their wisdom through her meditations with them. Frank Maxwell, the financier who enjoys the tremendous technology and patents that come from other worlds. Jessica Baxter, Frank's assistant, who falls into a love triangle with Jon and Whitney, helping Jon recognize his dilemma between the thrill of techno advances and the need to realize spiritual responsibility with his planet. Jim, the computer system - an advance in artificial intelligence who discovers what he truly desires is to be a real boy.

I hope you will request a copy of this novel and screenplay. I understand the hurdle it faces with the competition out there. All I can say is that this novel has been my life for many years. My blood, sweat, tears and wallet are all riding with it, and I will go to any height to see it reach its destiny. I am also halfway through the sequel, Jim's Life. You may read several reviews at my websites.

So that's one example of a pitch. Hopefully it draws the listener in without being super-longwinded. Maybe one of the most important elements of a pitch is - does it make the listener want to hear more?

Remember - there are no rules, just guidelines. Your pitch may be completely unique, but following some basic guidelines are a good idea if you want others to "get it".

Good luck and blessings to you and your pitch.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jana Groscost, Theta Healer

I've got a great life partner in my wife, Jana. It seems coincidental that she's a Theta Healer, and my novel talks about the Thetans as the spirit guides of the universe. But then, is anything a true coincidence?
(Check out her website, either or if interested in learning more about her.)
When she told me about Theta healing, I had no idea it existed but thought it was pretty cool that I had sort of tapped into that with The Big Bang. She told me she got goosebumps when she read my novel. Guess the stars lined up for us.
So now I'm learning more about it, and rest assured, Theta Healing will be a part of Jim's Life and hopefully more a part of future medicine.
What if we all had the ability to heal like Christ did? Might Jesus Christ have been a Theta Healer?

To learn more about Jana and Theta Healing, click here -

God Within

I feel like there's a new spiritual movement going around, and it doesn't yet have a name. Maybe it never will, but it seems to be focused on God Within.
I'm working with this concept in Jim's Life, the sequel to The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within.
As I see it, God Within is a spiritual premise that there is God within all of us, and perhaps all things such as molecules.
What would be the purpose or need to study doctrines of established religions, (other than history and education of course), if the truth and connection exists within all of us at every moment?
We all know how ridiculous it is to argue that one religion is the truth while the others miss the mark either by a little or by a lot. If that is the case, then perhaps there is no true religion.
Perhaps something like God Within is more accurate, a relationship that continually is there with a Creator in a way that cannot be defined by conventional doctrines.
Perhaps we are the vessel in which God evolves, and for that reason there are no established rules. Guidelines yes, rules... I don't believe so.

To read excerpts from these fine novels, go to Cosmic Force Productions or click here -
To read and Excerpt from The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within
To read an Excerpt from Jim's Life

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jim's Life, the sequel to The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within

I'm really excited to be getting back into Jim's Life. I started this sequel when I had finished writing The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within and was waiting a few months on the publisher to do their work. Then I got sidetracked with life and family and excuses - basically didn't write one word for almost two years.
But things are picking up and I'd love to share the opening scenes and concepts. The following describes the rescue of James Ranck, Jim's next incarnation, by his robot assistant. Iggy, or Ignatious, is an interesting choice as the present soul to accompany Jim into his next incarnation. A robot (or computer) saving the life of a human who was a computer in his past life. Hopefully the philosophy discussions started with The Big Bang will pick right up where they left off.

An Excerpt from Jim’s Life

1pm. Iggy trudged heavily through the sandy terrain of the Australian desert under a blazing sun, one footstep at a time. It was a painfully difficult labor. He realized right away this was the hardest thing he had ever done. Twenty to thirty percent chance of returning, Iggy thought. Better odds without the load, but when would I make that choice? Could I?! It was late summer, clear and exceptionally hot, which made things worse. His golden metallic form absorbed the sun’s powerful rays. His internal wirings became sensitive and fragile as they heated up, and they were under extreme duress. Plus, the crash had damaged him badly, inside and out. None of his transmitters worked. Less than half of his circuit panels were functioning properly. He had lost the ability to make speech. Wires hung from a broken shoulder joint, dangling down to his waist. Smeared-in dirt covered most of his face and body. A warm breeze blew coarse particles into his sight sockets, irritating him. Walking through the desert for hours in this condition was bad enough as it was. Carrying his master made it almost unbearable.
Master James lay like a bag of sand in his arms. Iggy had carried a few humans before, but they had been babies or small children. James’ lifeless limbs hung downward like no one Iggy had carried, straight to the ground with zero resistance. Iggy was horrified by the look of it. No muscle reflex, broken bones, blood. His emotional programming would have brought about a moaning, a low hum of distress from Iggy’s voice box could he have made the sound.
It angered him, this feeling of helplessness. Everything about the ordeal was bothersome. And yet, there was something else about it that was stuck on his mind, something he couldn’t quite understand. Iggy realized he didn’t want to cry, but he had to. His master was most likely dead. Even though he had never cared that much for Master James, death was still death, and mourning came with it. He contemplated the irony as he made steps across the barren landscape.
Iggy thought over and over, how long had we been riding? He tried to remember everything. Master James shouted, ‘Quickly, Iggy!’ I hurried, jumped on the rover. Off we went. Into the desert. ‘What’s the matter?’ I demanded repeatedly. No response. The desert. The boulders. The jumping. That tree! Watch out!
Had the ride not been so frightening, it might have seemed like a shorter trip. Iggy knew the time when he and James had boarded the rover. He looked at the sun momentarily, estimated the date from the angle, and determined an approximate time.
Less than fifteen minutes, he thought. Maybe ten kilometers, maybe more.
Iggy wondered if a search party would find them before reaching home. Damn the crash, he thought. If only my transmitter was working. Hopefully there’s time. There must be enough.
Walking so slowly gave the unit ample time to think, perhaps too much. Iggy had never thought to the point of annoying himself, but he was now. For hours on end, he debated if he would make it and what the odds might be. He also wondered what the reception would be. If Master James was dead, how would his parents respond to that? What would the others in the community say? Surely, there were those who didn’t like James. How odd, for such a young person. But there were also those who would do anything to keep him alive. His parents, of course. Even Missy. How could Missy care so much for him? After all the things he did to her? Some elements of human emotion were a constant source of confusion to him, that Iggy decided he would simply never understand.
Iggy looked down in his arms at his burden of flesh, lying there so helplessly. He might be alive, I think. Oh, how did I ever get assigned to this?!
James should have been someone else’s charge. Iggy was expensive. He had been programmed for high level thinkers, for mathematicians and engineers, to be used as an assistant in their creative processes. Instead, he got offered to some mechanic on a work trade thing and then given to the man’s son, a youth at that.
Iggy! He protested the name. For a thousand times, it was Ignatius! Couldn’t a master offer one simple concession? I’ve never asked for another lousy thing, and still he can’t even do that!

Brison Ranck flipped the meat on the barbeque to expose the raw sides to the heat. He sprinkled salt from a shaker and worked it into the sizzling slabs with his fingers, then he licked them. He angled the solar receiver to better catch the light of the setting sun. Brison loved free energy, but cooking steaks with the sun’s rays often forced him to eat a bit earlier than he preferred, especially in the heat of summer.
Flow, his wife of twenty years, chopped the carrots and greens while watching him through the kitchen window. She reached over the stove to stir the rice pudding that would be dessert. James’ favorite, she thought. She sipped her glass of red wine, then checked the clock. Almost eight. Almost thirty minutes after James usually set the table. Damn that boy. Shouldn’t get any pudding for being so late. Her knife took some of her anger out onto the carrots.
Brison caught her eye and held up a broad hand showing five fingers, indicating the time needed for the meat. Flow nodded, hoping instead he was letting her know their son was home. She wiped the hanging threads of brown, curly hair from her face. That boy’s gonna turn me gray before my time.
Flow checked the clock again. Eight pm straight up. James had his faults but being late for supper wasn’t one of them. Why hadn’t Iggy responded? She had called the family unit several times. She assumed James had taken Iggy on one of his favorite rides through the canyons, where reception was often limited.
Brison came in with a platter holding three steaming steaks, cooked to perfection and bleeding juices into a large puddle about to run over the plate. He walked slowly, giving care not to spill any of the glorious red liquid on the carpet as he made it to the dining room table. Smells divine, Flow thought. She watched him in his balancing act, appreciating her gentle giant moving so delicately. Inside the convection oven, the greens and carrots simmered.
He asked, “How we doin’?”
“Two minutes, love,” Flow said as she stirred the pudding. She pulled the hot bread from a small oven and handed it off to Brison.
“No response?”
“Not yet.” Flow took another drink of her wine. She stared at the clock and became lost in thought until the timer sounded, snapping her out of it. She took the greens and carrots out and placed them on the table.
“Anything else?’ Brison asked, looking over a table set for three, complete with candles.
“No. Nothing, love.”
Brison thought of his caring wife, their son, and all the little things that made this place a home. Not bad for a working man.
Flow added the veggies to the plates, then placed fresh rolls in the center of the table. Brison served himself the largest of the steaks, Flow the smallest, and the middle one for the absent boy. He poured wine for himself and added some to Flow’s. James’ setting had water placed above his meal. Brison checked the time. Darkness was quickly descending upon the desert terrain outside.
Flow asked quietly, “What do you think, Bris?”
“He’ll be in,” he assured her and sat down. “Let’s eat while it’s warm. Looks good.”
“Not like him to be late,” she reminded him.
“Something must have happened to their transceivers. Iggy’s with him. Not to worry.”
Flow took her seat in compliance. Brison sawed quickly into his steak and placed a large piece in his mouth, chewing impatiently. Flow sipped her wine, then stabbed at a carrot. They ate in silence.
Minutes later it was completely dark outside. Flow’s steak had a few bites in it, while Brison had nearly finished his, leaving the bread and veggies for last.
Then a dog barked.
Brison leapt from his seat and went straight out the door. Flow followed. They stood outside together on the threshold of their home, peering out into the desolate, dark terrain.
“See anything?” Flow asked.
The barking persisted.
“Shep tied up?” she asked.
“In his pen.”
“What’s that?” Flow pointed at an object that appeared to be moving towards them. Brison squinted and scanned the horizon, finding nothing.
“Right there!” Flow insisted, extending her arm out in front of his face.
Brison found it. Sure enough, something was a hundred meters away, slowing coming toward them. Brison and Flow walked cautiously out.
Brison demanded, “Who’s there?!” No answer. He continued to squint as his feet slowly moved further out toward the entity. “Answer me! Who is that?!”
The dark figure persisted to move closer. It made no sound except the shuffle of dust under its walk.
“This is private property!” Flow added. “Who’s there?”
The curious figure remained silent, while closing the gap between them. Brison felt his fists tighten instinctively.
“Want me to get the laser, Bris?” Flow asked, holding him at the shoulder.
Brison shook his head. He didn’t know what it was, but he wasn’t afraid. He sensed something important. Shep continued to bark as Brison moved ever closer towards the dark figure.
Within a few moments Brison realized he was looking at the family unit, Iggy, trudging awkwardly through the desert night. It’s Iggy, he thought with relief. Why’s he moving so slowly?
“Iggy!” Brison shouted, now moving quickly with Flow just behind him. “Where’ve you been?!”
As they came to him, they noticed Iggy was carrying a lump in his arms and looked like he had been through hell, with dust all over him and several wires hanging out. How odd everything seemed. It took a moment in the darkness for them to realize that the lump in Iggy’s arms was their son.
Flow screamed, “Oh God, no!”

Nurses and units went to and from the room, setting up the boy with a multitude of devices and medications. From the office of Sandra Maynard, the head of surgery, Brison and Flow sat on a leather couch and somberly watched a hologram image of their son lying deathly still in his bed. With the activity about James, his face was all that they could see of him. It was bruised and badly cut, more like a blob of purples and reds than a human face. Even inside of the comfortable office, the sounds of buzzing machines, the sterile smells of formaldehyde and ether, and the bright lights from the other side of the door were a stark contrast from where they had just recovered their son. Flow wiped her red eyes with a cloth while she mumbled to herself all the reasons why this shouldn’t have happened. Brison squeezed her free hand.
Doctor Sandra Maynard came into the room. The parents stood eagerly. She removed a thin latex hospital gown, and wore civilian clothes underneath as she had been called in from home for the emergency. She tossed the gown and the gloves in a nearby receptacle, then faced them with her best energy at a difficult time.
She introduced herself, “Mr. and Mrs. Ranck, I’m sorry to have to tell you this. The accident was severe. He’s alive, but just barely.”
“Oh, thank God,” Flow exclaimed.
Brison spoke stoically, “Do whatever you have to, Doc. Just keep our boy in the living.”
“There is some bad news, however. Please have a seat.”
They hesitated and looked at one another. Maynard repeated her request, and the Rancks slowly sat back down. Sandra sat in a chair facing them.
“Unfortunately, your son’s accident was very severe. His body is being kept alive by our equipment, but we’ve failed to achieve meaningful electrical activity in the brain. Right now he’s in a state of extreme neurological dysfunction.”
Brison asked, “How severe?”
“EEG showed preserved activity, but he has no reactivity to external stimuli.”
“In English, Doc.”
“At this time, no meaningful brain function.”
Flow began to express her panic in mumbled fragments, “No… oh no… this… this can’t be.”
Brison wanted clarity, “What exactly does that mean, doctor?”
“Clinically, your son is brain dead. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you.”
Flow burst out in tears. Brison held her more closely and asked, “Surely there must be something that can be done?”
“We will do everything possible, but I can’t make any guarantees. The next twenty-four to seventy-two hours will be crucial. He’s lucky he got to us when he did.”
“His unit, Iggy, got him out of there,” Brison added. “Saved his life for sure.”
Maynard smiled in half agreement.
Flow’s sobbing stopped as she had a thought. “What can we do?” she asked.
Maynard said, “Think good thoughts. Visualize him healthy. Prayer always helps.”
Brison knew there wasn’t anything he could really do, and he hated that. For all his strength, he sat on that leather couch feeling about as useless as a man could feel. At that moment, he questioned himself as a good father. Maynard was about to head back out of the room.
“Thank you, Doctor,” Flow said.
“I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow,” Maynard added. She squeezed the couple’s hands with hers.
Brison led Flow down the hospital corroder. She was numb, moving in a daze. She thought of the night’s irony. Two hours before she was angry at her boy for being a bit late to dinner. Now she was wondering if she would see him alive again. Why was I angry about that? How stupid!

The car settled down into the Ranck property, hovering a few feet over the ground. It set down entirely in front of the walk. Brison looked over to Flow in the passenger seat and caught her staring at something.
“Who’s that?” Flow asked.
Brison faced forward, surprised that he hadn’t noticed the Federation car parked just off the driveway to his left. “Dunno.”
Flow and Brison got out of the vehicle. Just then the front doors of the unknown car opened, and out came two men, dressed casually but nice.
One of them held out an illuminated image displaying a his credentials as a Federal police officer and asked, “Mr. Ranck?”
“Yes?” Brison said. He and Flow moved closer as the men came to meet them in the middle of the drive.
“I’m Officer Hutchins. This is Bellregard,” the elder man said in a slight Aussie accent. Brison glanced at each of the id’s. The two looked like negatives of each other. One old and white, the other young with very dark skin and platinum eyes.
Brison said, “Something I can help you with?”
“Do you have any idea why we’re here?” Bellregard asked in a neutral accent. His eyes and teeth more visible in the night than his exceptionally black skin.
Brison looked at Flow. She returned a blank expression. Brison answered, “No, Sir.”
“It’s about your son,” Hutchins said.
Brison was confused. “Is it about his going to the hospital?”
Hutchins lowered his eyes. “Yes, we’re aware of that. I am sorry, but no.”

11pm. Flow poured fresh coffee into four mugs as the men sat around the kitchen table. Though it was too late for coffee, Flow didn’t expect to get much sleep anyway. A police recording device was placed openly in the middle of the table next to the sugar, making note of not only sounds but emotional vibrations.
“Thank you,” the officers said in unison upon receiving the mugs. Randall Hutchins breathed in the aroma, knowing it would be a good pick-me-up to a surprisingly long work shift. He wondered where the coffee was grown. Java? Africa? He was addicted to coffee and usually had a keen nose for origins, but he couldn’t quite place it. He scratched the thick, white, two day stubble under his chin.
“Smells good, Mrs. Ranck,” Randall said. “Is this African?” Small talk always helped get the conversation going.
Eventually Flow responded, “Indonesian.”
“Hot and fresh is all that matters,” Ivan Bellregard added.
Flow sat next to Brison. She put a hand on his shoulder as he caressed her leg under the table, two light embraces offering support to each other on the worst night of their lives.
Randall sensed the Rancks knew nothing of his visit before he began. “We realize you’ve had a terrible day. Honestly, Ivan here and myself are sorry to hear that your son has been hospitalized. Something no parent or boy should have to go through. And yet… your family being Simplists, we have to do our jobs.”
Brison stated, “We appreciate that, Officer. We just can’t believe you’re talking about our son.”
“Has James been friends for a long time with Abigail Walkins?” Hutchins asked.
“She goes by Missy,” Flow said. “They’ve grown up together. Her folks live a few kilometers down the road. Not many others around.”
Bellregard added, “The Walkins are also Simplists. Are your families close?”
“Not really,” Brison said. “They’re good people, but they like their space. We like ours.”
“And the kids?” Hutchins asked.
“Missy and James have known each other for years,” Brison said, looking to Flow. “Being kids, they’ve done the things kids do.”
“Such as?”
Brison felt lost for an answer. “Whatever kids do. Toss stones in the creek. Make up games. I dunno.”
Hutchins began slowly with the difficult subject, “Does it surprise you then, that we got a call from Federation that alleges James raped and attempted to strangle Missy?”
“That’s not our son!” Brison insisted, slamming a hand down on the table sending a shock wave through it.
Flow asked, “So her memory has been checked of what you say happened?”
“That’s correct,” Hutchins answered.
“And what did they find?”
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Ranck. Even if I had that information, I wouldn’t be able to disclose that.”
“Officer,” Flow said calmly. “There’s something you should know about Missy.”
Flow hesitated. It wasn’t like her to sound judgmental, but this was different. “She’s not altogether there. James is always coming in, telling us some of the things that Missy says, and it boarders on disturbing.”
Brison summed it up. “She’s nuts.”
“How so?”
“She’s got a twisted sense of reality,” Flow said. “There’s no other way to put it.”
Bellregard asked, “Twisted enough to alter her perception of reality?”
“I believe so,” Flow said.
“That’s possible,” Hutchins mentioned. “Anything’s possible right now. That’s why Ivan and I are here, asking you questions, asking the Walkins questions. Missy’s at the forensics unit right now having tests done.”
Flow immediately thought of Missy being tested for semen, bruises, pubic hairs, something that might add credibility to her story.
Bellregard added, “And James is also being evaluated by Fed investigators.”
“In the hospital?!” Flow cried.
“There’s no other way.”
The elder Hutchins tried to calm her, “Mrs. Ranck, please don’t worry. Fed investigators are used to the needs of hospital patients. Happens all the time. In some ways, they’re better suited for it than nurses and doctors.”
Brison ran his hands through his ruddy brown hair and lamented, “Oh, Christ. This is just what my son needs now.”
“He’ll be fine, sir.”
“How do you know that?!”
Flow needed him to be a rock. “Well,” she reasoned, “if something happened, I can’t believe it was rape.”
Brison muttered, “Wouldn’t be the first time two kids had sex.”
“For your sake and for James, I hope that you’re right,” Hutchins added.
“Was anyone else with your son at the accident?” Bellregard asked.
“No,” Brison stated. Flow shot him a look and pinched his leg under the table.
“How did you find him?”
Brison said, “His transmitter came in. I tracked him in the car.”
“Being Simplists, you have your rights. But as Simplists, we’ll need to do what we can to get our data and conduct a thorough investigation.”
Flow sipped her coffee, eyed the recording device, and wondered, what the hell is he doing?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dr. Emoto's water crystals

Have you seen the Dr. Emoto water crystal experiment? If you've never seen this - please google it as soon as you have a minute! Absolutely fantastic science experiment. Or click here -

Water crystals form in different ways, structurally, as they freeze. Sort of like no two snowflakes being exactly the same. Dr. Emoto's experiments found that the energy around the crystal affected its formation. He tried all kinds of inputs as a water crystal was slowly frozen - music, written words, prayer, etc. The results were amazing and make sense. Loving thoughts, music and prayer produced by far the most beautiful and elegant crystals - while hateful thoughts music and words produced somewhat deranged looking crystals.

The experiment is an example of ever present energy affecting other things. If a water crystal forms in a deranged way because of energy around it - doesn't this indicate that children do too? I think we all agree that it's easy to see the correlation with how to raise a baby.

But what about society? What do you think the effect on society is when we stick them in a room for two hours (sometimes 85 mins.) and show them horrible acts of violence mixed with awful dialogue and disturbing music?

When I say raise your energy to a higher level, I'm talking about in everything you do. And no, I'm not telling people what they can and can't watch or listen to - we all have free choice.

But if people make an effort to think about their energy inputs and maybe to filter out some of the noise and replace it with something that touches the heart... that's a good start. If people here go even further and make a real effort to emit kindness, compassion, a bit of understanding, forgiveness, and live their life in a way that becomes beautiful music - the world will be a better place.

Can we make more films of this nature?

The Big Bang in some ways is the prerunner for something that goes much deeper on this issue. Jim's Life is most certainly about consciously working on the energy that we emit, as well as the energy that we allow to surround us.

I hope it speaks to your heart while also being good entertainment.

Another good film to see is What The Bleep Do We Know. and this site also has info on the crystals.

What are your thoughts? Add a comment.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Theta Healing

I didn't know about Theta Healing when I first wrote The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within. It just seemed like a good choice to name that planet at the time.
Later, when I met my wife, Jana, she informed me about Theta Healing since that is something she does. I must admit it felt a little cool knowing this choice was so appropriate. I mean, surely none of the other planets in the novel should be called Theta but Theta 7. And clearly, these people are not just guides of the universe, they are also healers.
We'll learn a lot more about Theta Healing in the sequel, Jim's Life. I just wish I could write novels faster.
Hmmm... what would the Thetans say?

To learn more about Jana -

for an article on Theta Healing -

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Carl Sagan describes Webster Adams perfectly.

In Carl Sagan's The Varieties of Scientific Experience, he talks much on the philosophy of God. It is beyond customary, almost mandatory to assume that God is an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-everything type of entity. Well, if truth is stranger than fiction then maybe thats not the case. Mr. Sagan writes this on pages 148-149;

"...Suppose somehow that it were demonstrated that there was a being that originated the universe but is indifferent to prayer... Or worse, a god who was oblivious to the existence of humans. That's very much like Aristotle's god. Would that be God or not? Suppose it were someone who was omnipotent but not omniscient, or vice versa. Suppose this god understood all the consequences of his actions but there were many things he was unable to do, so he was condemned to a universe in which his desired ends could not be accomplished. These alternative kinds of gods are hardly ever thought about or discussed. A priori there is no reason they should not be as likely as the more conventional sorts of gods."

Maybe his next line could have been... "Suppose this God himself didn't know if he believed in God, and was in search much like we are."Can you imagine that? God not sure if he believes in God? What a great concept for a book.

Mr. Sagan's description above very much embodies the role of Webster Adams. I wish we could have had a conversation about this, about my ideas for the book. I have a feeling Mr. Sagan would have made some amazing suggestions to make it even better.

Thanks for helping me think about the infinte, Carl. Your book, Contact, really got my mind working on new ideas.

To learn more about Carl Sagan -

Friday, February 01, 2008

About Me

Hi there. I'm Jason Matthews, and I'd love to tell you a little about myself and these stories.
Without going into too much detail, as a kid I grew up having story ideas that felt fun and important to share. When I went off to college and had to figure out what I wanted to do, I studied television and film at the University of North Carolina and then moved to Los Angeles in 1991. During that time the idea for The Big Bang came to me.
Like many of us, I often had occasional wonderings of the meaning of life and our place in the universe. I struggled with concepts of both religion and science, trying to figure out what I believed and where the two fields might share a common ground. Eventually I got stuck on this idea of a science experiment, where the creative process produces a universe that is separate to our own. Then the questions began - What if you could study a universe and search throughout it for planets with life? What might you find with a universe at your fingertips? The more I thought of it... the more ideas came to me. In little time the idea was conceived and The Big Bang (originally titled The Universe Generator) was born.
Two screenplays, one novel, and over a decade later, The Big Bang was self-published. I finally considered myself a writer and not just an "ideas person".
The sequel, Jim's Life, is still in the works. This story also deals with the same thought process - What is it all about and what clues exist for us to see everyday?
I've also written Minor Extremes, a fun yet thoughtful ski story about a boy becoming a man and promoting extreme skiing as a spectator sport.
I have other stories as well, but one goal remains the same. How can this story help myself or someone else connect to the higher consciousness?
My motivation is to continue the discussion of "what it's all about" and living to our potential. It has always been my dream to produce books and movies that stimulate the mind and the soul, and it's clear that Hollywood needs far more soulful projects to bring into the eyes and ears of mainstream society.
So that's a little about me and my stories. Thanks so much for listening.

Please visit Cosmic Force Productions for more.

Sierra Sun Article about The Big Bang

The Big Bang is a novel idea

Truckee resident Jason Matthews’ novel is in 500 book stores across America

By Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun

December 22, 2005

Jason Matthews’ universe took 10 years to create. His planets — Alpha, Delta, Theta and Omega — materialized in an instant, but their inhabitants — the master-race marsupials, the giant pigs and the gnomes — took much longer to evolve.

Matthews is proud of his creation. And others who have witnessed its uniqueness maintain that its existence is thought-provoking and imaginative.

“The Big Bang” hit shelves in October, and has already made it from the hands of its Truckee author to more than 500 book sellers across America. And here in town it is quite the philosophic conversation starter.

“I really want people to recognize that we are all part of the whole, and to ask themselves why their life events and experiences happened,” Matthews said. “I hope that in some way my book helps the world open more to spirituality and to seeking enlightenment.”

Matthews delves into the big-picture unanswerable questions of intelligent design, freewill, spiritual development and reincarnation in The Big Bang, his first novel, in which an inventor and a carpenter create a miniature self-contained universe. The astonishing events and remarkable societies that evolve cause the characters to question and re-consider all that they have ever believed about evolution, humanity, and spirituality.

“I think that we all question the meaning of life and why we are here,” said Matthews. “I don’t think it’s hard to imagine that the answers may be more simple than they appear.”

Catch Matthews in a coffee shop and he’ll talk at length about those personal beliefs, and the views that sculpted his book’s plot and characters. His speech is eloquent and well described; his writing is quick, concise, and entertaining, the type that appeals to the thoughtful masses.

“Jason is engaged and in touch with humanity,” said Bookshelf at Hooligan Rocks manager Lydia Sparksworthy. “He’s not too smart, or too funny, or too sarcastic, and that shows in his book. I enjoyed how nice of a mix it was.

“It’s all over the place in that it’s spiritual; it’s scientific; it has nice characters. There is a lot going on.”

At 38, Matthews is just now wrapping his fingers and mind around a purpose and goal he has long sought. A graduate of the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill, Matthews received his degree in radio, television, and film, but gave up on writing screenplays after a single year in Hollywood.

“I just couldn’t stand the scene,” he said.

So he moved to Truckee, where he “became a ski bum” and spent the last 15 years painting houses, still dabbling with writing and the idea of producing his ideas.

“I was having a lot of fun, but I was feeling like I was abandoning my story,” Matthews said. “I was not fulfilled, but I didn’t know how to get a screenplay made to a movie.”

In 1991 Matthews kicked himself into gear and decided to turn his already-written screenplay “The Universe Generator” into an easier-to-sell novel.

“There was a lot of down time because I had to make a living as a house painter. Then there would be very productive days or months where I would get a lot done,” he said. “But even if you can only get out one page a day, after a year, you’ve got something that feels substantial.”

And what feels substantial now is the amount of positive praise and feedback that Matthews is receiving from his readers.

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they just blasted right through it,” he said. “When I hear the reviews I just jump up and down and my heart just pitter-patters.”

So far, neither Matthews or the staff at Bookshelf at Hooligan Rocks , the local store carrying his novel, have received any negative feedback on the book.

“I think that the book asks a lot of questions and offers a different outlook on life,” said Matthews’ writing assistant Sarah Poynter, who acted as Matthews’ sounding board for new ideas and clarification for more than two years. “And I think that’s the reason it's fun because it is imaginative.”

Matthews is already working on a sequel to The Big Bang and said he hopes to soon retire as a house painter and begin a new chapter of life as a full-time writer.