Sunday, November 23, 2008

BCS playoffs, Vote for new design of BCS playoffs.

I believe the best design for a college football playoff is to start with the top 8 bowl games, which represent 16 of the best teams in America. Take the winners of the top 8 games, and let them play a single elimination tournament to crown a champion after 3 games won. This could begin the first week after the New Year's Bowl games, and it could be concluded before the end of January.
Vote below for your thought on the BCS Playoff Debate.

Should BCS have a playoff, and if so what would be the best design for a BCS playoff?
Take the winners from the top 8 bowl games and have a 3 week playoff system.
Take the winners from the top 4 bowl games and have a 2 week playoff system.
Play fewer regular season games and more playoff games.
No playoffs. The BCS isn't perfect, but leave it as it is.

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