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Kryon, Channeling the Angel in Sacramento

Kryon the angel? Have you heard of Kryon of Magnetic Service? I hadn't but my wife had and was visiting the website the other day for the first time, (The magnetic service part has to do with the Earth's magnetic poles, field and grid, but I'm not going to talk too much about that here.)

Kryon the angel of Magnetic Forces in Sacramento California
On Friday afternoon, Jana came into my office and asked, "Want to drive to Sacramento tomorrow morning to hear Kryon?" When she explained it all including her surprise to find out the event was scheduled for the next day, I found it a nice coincidence since we live about 100 miles from Sacramento and had no plans for Saturday. We found out later the medium for Kryon, Lee Carroll, speaks all over the world. Strangely, it seemed like perfect timing.

It all came about rather suddenly, but since I'm usually a fan of these things, always wanting to learn more about the human experience, soul development, the future prognosis, etc., I decided to go with her.

Jason Matthews, Lee Carroll and Jana Matthews
The next day, July 2 at the Hilton in Sacramento, we met Lee Carroll, a fascinating man who has been channeling for Kryon, a loving angelic entity, since 1989. Lee is the author of 15 books including the Indigo Children series. He's extremely down-to-earth and scientific in his approach, not at all what some people might describe as fruit-loopy or wind-chimey even though the subjects of angels and channeling are something many people find hard to believe and treat with understandable skepticism. (Note; if you research people set on debunking Lee and Kryon, you will find some.)

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In a small conference room with about 100 others, many first-timers and some repeat visitors, we listened to primarily Lee and (at times) Kryon discuss happenings within the world of past, present and future, as well as within the DNA of our own bodies. This was not at all hokey nor a big sales pitch, although we did pay for the 5 hours of lecture and there were some books/jewelry available for sale. Also please note that it was not appropriate or possible for me to take notes during the meditations, so the quotes I give below for Kryon are only from my memory and not to be taken as verbatim or entirely accurate.

What we did hear from both Lee and Kryon were in-depth discussions of what they call core truths including subjects like Quantum physics, Einstein and the concept of time as a dimension, past lives, Gaia, ancestral energies, reincarnation, world religions, 2012 and much more. It was well presented and thoroughly engrossing. I could have listened for much longer and felt the same degree of belief in these paranormal matters as I would for a reading from a psychic like Edgar Cayce. Though the field is always ripe for charlatans, that doesn't mean the "real deal" can't be found. I left believing very much that Lee Carroll is the real deal.

During the lecture Lee also discussed at great length the author, Gregg Braden and his book Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age. In fact, he discussed Gregg and this book more than any other subject for the entire day. This was also another interesting coincidence for me as that book happens to be the book I've been reading for the past week and have almost finished. (Of course I believe there are no coincidences like this in life, so it really made me focus in on the lessons of the day.)

Most of the time was spent with Lee discussing these things as himself, as Lee, a warm, witty, cosmopolitan, educated and humorous lecturer. Other times, a introductory short period of about 20 minutes and later a lengthy period of about 45 minutes, were spent with Lee channeling the voice of Kryon, the angel. I have to admit, the time spent listening to Kryon was truly inspiring. As a writer, I've developed a decent sense for redundancy and poor word choice. Kryon spoke at great length (up to 45 minutes) in such clear and concise phrasing while delivering substantial information, and yet Kryon never had an awkward pause or stumble nor did I ever find the need to edit one single word. To the disbelievers, the speech itself would have been an amazing feat had it been memorized and performed by an actor. If it was a hoax, then Lee Carroll can teach Marlon Brando a few things about acting. Not only was Kryon's diction the best I've ever heard during a continuous monologue but I felt absolutely riveted in my chair, participating in the meditation as if magnetic forces held me there in a pleasant way. Normally, sitting in one spot meditating for that long would be extremely difficult for me, but this was quite enjoyable and could have continued for even longer. I'll speak more on the final 45 minutes below.

Much of Lee's personal discussion was about the anticipated date of Dec. 21, 2012, a date that some people believe marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and perhaps the end of the world. Fortunately for us, Lee argues (and Kryon does too) that this is merely a time of astronomical alignment that has to do with the precession of the equinoxes. That's a fancy term for the Earth's rotational axis slowly changing, making a cone shape over a period of approx. 26,000 years. Ancient cultures recognized that the sunrise on the spring solstice would happen with the same star constellation in the night sky for approx. 2,150 years before the rotating axis of Earth would change the backdrop to the proceeding sign of the zodiac. Each of the 12 zodiac signs are represented during a Great Age of 26,000 years. We are currently in the final stages of the Age of Pisces (which began just before the coming of Jesus) and entering the Age of Aquarius. However, ancient cultures didn't typically identify the end of one Great Age and the beginning of the next on an exact date, like Dec. 21, 2012.

What might make the end of this age more special than most (in the Mayan's eyes) is that our solar system, sun and planet will have moved to an alignment with the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy, an event that won't happen again for another 26,000 years. (Author's note; perhaps that's a good time for a chapter break when you're in the business of publishing a universal calendar as seen from Earth. Did the Mayans have more calendars after the one that ends in 2012? Perhaps, but they might have figured they had plenty of time to get it printed.)

Lee points out, "The 2012 alignment did not end the Mayan Calendar. More likely, it was merely the last calendar they had published. For whatever reasons, the Mayans died out or disappeared, but they did not preach an end times date."

Lee also says, "It will take 36 years for the sun to go through this period (we're 17 years into it now, halfway at 2012), although the entire precession of the equinoxes is a 26,000 year period. It marks a time for the highest potential consciousness that humanity has ever seen."

What is happening on our planet today in 2011? Some people focus on the problems: war, economy, wacky weather, political issues at home and abroad. But what about the good signs and the future possibilities? Kryon says, "DNA is the new frontier, and when humans learn how to work with their own DNA programing, amazing things will become possible."

What is time? Einstein says time is relative to speed, and that time is the 4th dimension. Does time repeat? Are the fractal wave patterns an indicator of time repeating? "Time is in a circle so what happens in the future always affects the past," Kryon says. "People need to learn how to step out of 3D to really learn how to meditate, pray and co-create."

Global warming? Kryon says, "There is a mass weather shifting, which affects agriculture and water changes. It's all about water and the water cycle. Silly humans did not cause global warming; it's a cycle that comes and goes. Now we're in the beginning of a cooling cycle, the beginning of an ice age. First it gets warmer then it gets cooler. This is a generational change; this will take a long time to play out. Earth is now in the beginning of an Ice Age, and it's all about the water." (Author's note; if it's all about the water then isn't it coincidental that we're entering the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer?)

Is humanity evolving? Kryon says, "We are always changing as it's a dynamic, energetic, spiritual world. Look for examples of people finding unity instead of warring with each other. The European Union and the currency, the Euro, is one such example. The fall of the Soviet Union is another."

Kryon's prediction for the Middle East, "Egypt is going through a revolution without a leader. When everybody can talk to everybody there can be no more conspiracies." (Author's note; sounds like social networking, Facebook, etc.) "Peace in the Middle East potentially comes from Iran, which will re-establish its greatness from a revolution that starts with the young people. Parts of Iran might be bombed before this happens. Peace in Middle East will be brokered by an Islamic country."

Back to the comment, "DNA is the new frontier. It's more than you think." We know that quantum is the study of small things, and biological molecules are enormous compared to an individual atom. But LIGHT is especially intriguing. Quantum Benevolence, the name of a premise recently talked about, is a description of quantum state behavior, bizarre and seemingly impossible wave particle duality as light is BOTH wave and particle depending on the conditions of the experiment (Heisenberg uncertainty principal). Matter can be in two places at the same time in quantum realities (double-slit light experiment). Can light be a part of healing? Kryon says, "You are part of both sides of the veil. Therefore you are never really alone and always with the Creator which you are a part of. Quantum healing knows no boundaries of any kind; it can be instantaneous over enormous distances."

Other things Kryon touched on but I won't even attempt to remember with quotes:
-Our Akashic records are in our DNA. Everything we've done or thought, life lessons, stem-cell blueprints, etc. Aging happens due to DNA not being fully active, or without cells that repeat the pristine original DNA form. Instead, with aging, it just keeps dividing from what it has. Ageless living is possible.
-We need to learn to ask the DNA strands to use the original cellular structure and slowly activate it to original information to stop aging. Spontaneous remission reproduces the original DNA and cellular blueprints. Kryon says the biblical characters who allegedly lived for hundreds of years, really did.

During the final 45 minute meditation, it felt like my hands, palms upward, were holding hands with other angels and LOCKED in place. This is hard to describe, but afterwards I also felt slightly drunk from the experience. Kryon's main message was that some of us in the audience have accepted our roles as LIGHT BEARERS, and others have not. For those who haven't, this is fine. There is no expectation from God or angels to perform work. For those of us who do accept our roles as LIGHT BEARERS, we need to remind ourselves to provide light. That means by lighting ourselves, not by being evangelical. For nobody wants (or needs) to be told how to act or behave in a Godly manner. It is within us already. The best thing a light-bearer can do is illuminate herself/himself. Shine brightly and let the world see it. Love everyone, regardless of what they are doing. If they are committing crimes, war, abuse, love them anyway. Don't love what they do, but love who they are and forgive them, for they have a difficult road just like everyone does.

This felt exactly like the Christ message to me if I'm reading between the lines of the gospels correctly; love yourself and your neighbor as yourself. Forgive everything, judge not. The human experience is difficult for all of us. As humans, we make mistakes. Does God really condemn us? Of course not. So for us to act Godly, we must learn to forgive and give grace as God does to EVERYONE.

What are some of the things Kryon told me that really felt like core truths? That God is within us, and the person who can find God anywhere is certainly blessed (as communication with spirit can happen easily outside of church). That concepts of Heaven and Hell are very much made up by humans and can be likened to children's stories (I really enjoyed that one!).

Remember the Higher-self, the God-within that is our constant guide. Follow the Higher-self, and all will be just fine during December of 2012 and beyond.

What are your thoughts or comments?
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  1. Jason
    I enjoyed reading your post on Kryon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Is there any comment or explanation from Kryon about what happened in 9/11/2001?. I read the series of documentaries about a government conspiracy and they seem credible. My email is ... thanks.

  3. I haven't seen any Kryon readings specifically on 9-11, but a Google search show this:
    • The date of the attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11
    • September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11
    • After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.
    • 119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran. 1 + 1 + 9 = 11 (reverse of the 911)
    • Twin Towers - standing side by side, looks like the number 11
    • The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11
    • State of New York - The 11 State added to the Union
    • New York City - 11 Letters
    • Afghanistan - 11 Letters
    • The Pentagon - 11 Letters
    • Ramzi Yousef - 11 Letters (convicted or orchestrating the attack on the
    WTC in 1993)
    • Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11
    • Flight 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11

    Coincidence? We must look at the numbers… always. Kryon has told us from
    the beginning that the energy of the end times is the “9” and the “11.” This was given in the first book, (Book one), and the last released book (Book eight). It was about completion and permission. It’s now becoming clear what this all means. Remember this, as well: 666 =18 = 9. Could it be that what we are seeing was also prophesied in veiled ways in scripture? Remember that most scripture is written in metaphors. According to Gregg Braden, even the prophet Isaiah told us that we had the ability to change the future. I believe we just have.

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