Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Technology Gadget, 3-D Printing, Amazing Video Stranger Than Fiction

Truth really can be stranger than fiction. Every once in a while a friend will share something online that is so unbelievably amazing, it's got to be shared with others. New technology gadgets are coming out everyday like this 3-D printer. What happens in this video is just as fantastic and incredible as some of the things that happen in my novels, The Little Universe and Jim's Life.
In this video, a 3-dimensional copy gets made of any object small enough to fit into this machine. Even if it has moving parts, like the crescent wrench in the example, a physical replica that actually works will get reproduced before your eyes.
Imagine if you could show this to a person from a hundred years ago; they would probably conclude it was magical in either a good or bad way. It really makes me wonder if replicating a living thing (like a person) could be possible a hundred years from now or less.

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