Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weird Dream Last Night

Why are dreams so bizarre? Sometimes dreams are straightforward, easy to make sense of, but sometimes they leave me baffled. Do you feel the same? Take last night's example;
Imagine two people, a palm-sized crystal, two very special things, and the ability to talk with infinite wisdom. Throw in the risk of evil spirit possession plus empowering that entity, and there you have my dream from last night.
Here's how it all worked:
Two people are needed and two very special things (the grogginess of waking keeps me from remembering exactly what they were). Since I don't have specifics on the things, they may as well be described as a red thing and a gray thing, but I know they need to be pretty close to each other, within a few inches to become activated.

The two people then hold one hand together.
Finally, one person holds the palm-sized crystal. That's all it takes to begin.

The person without the crystal goes into a trance and becomes the channel for vast information, anything you want to know, sort of Edgar Cayce, akashic records style. The person holding the crystal becomes the receiver of the information, the one who learns anything imaginable.

Add an element of risk: the person in the trance becomes susceptible to dark energies, who are excited by the flow of information. The trance person may even become possessed by evil spirits who might make a verbal effort (not physical, that's not allowed) to acquire the crystal  from the person holding it. This would be bad to give up the crystal to the possessed trance person. Note to crystal holder, "Don't let the evil-spirit possessed trance person have the crystal."

To end the session, just separate the red thing from the gray thing to a distance of a foot or more. Then the activation dies out, the trance ends and the negative spirits go back to wherever they came from.

Then I woke up wondering wtf? I know, it was a strange dream. How about you? Got any?
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  1. More than I care to think about. Last night involved snakes, dead fish and pets, not to mention sick people and a singing Asian duo at church. I have no clue, and no I did not eat anything right before I went to bed.

    If I dream about people I know I pray for them. If I dream strange things like that above, I look for a story line if there is one. :)

    I take what elements I can get and go on, a lot of the times I will dream up a good storyline that makes sense. I got Street Justice Charlie's Angel from a dream, and several others.

    Dream it - write it - sometimes equals a good thing.

    Samantha Fury

    1. Crazy dream, Sam. I like your approach!