Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recent Reviews for The Little Universe

The Little Universe by Jason Matthews
Some recent reviews have come in from review bloggers, authors and readers for The Little Universe.

"Not only is the plot based on a brilliant and original concept, it is well crafted, tightly paced and beautifully written"- Charlotte Abel, author of Enchantment.

"This was quite an inventive story. I don't know how realistic the science was (don't worry, the author kept it very simple), but it made for a marvelous story." - Jim Chambers, Red Adept Reviews

"So different from most other science fiction - this book goes beyond the norm and looks at important Mind/body/Spirit issues in a science fiction setting. Folks wanting the normal kind of shoot-em up with rayguns SF (basically a cowboy yarn in a futuristic setting) will be disappointed. This book has SOMETHING TO SAY. It is not a religious rant. But it does deal with spiritual issues." - Tui Allen, author of Ripple.

"One intriguing aspect of the story is the ability of the scientists to monitor anything in their entire universe, to 'zoom in' on individuals on any planet anywhere." - David Rubenstein,

"The Little Universe is one of those rare books, light enough on the surface to be a fun summer read, but deep enough to keep you thinking about it long after you've turned the last page. The story is absolutely fascinating, one of my new favorite science fiction books." - PT Cruiser, top 50 Amazon Reviewer.

"The story is a blend of science, romance, and spirituality - unlike many books of this nature, it was never 'preachy' or condescending... A surprising twist toward the end! I found myself thinking a lot about the book after I finished it." - ForeverAloe, Amazon reader

"I hate giving spoilers, so I will just say that there is a fun "stunner" three-quarters of the way through the book that will shock you - I usually can tell what will happen ahead of time, but this book actually surprised me!" - Jess Buike, author and review blogger

"Inter-weaved with the scientific are the spiritual, metaphysical queries of life as well: What is consciousness? Can it transcend matter, distance, and time? Is there a higher evolutionary position we are all destined to arrive at--individually and collectively? Is life intended to be more? These are some of the questions underlying the themes of this unique work." - G.F. Smith, author of SUBJECTED: Eye of God (book 1), Parallax (book 2) and the Predicate (book 3)
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  1. All of these comments are spot on... The Little Universe is brilliant... it is a rare book that will keep you thinking long after you have read it :)

  2. Morgan, you're the best! I'm reading Shadow Watchers and really impressed.