Friday, October 24, 2008

Once Bush is gone, will the military troops complain or rebel? Vote here.

Once Bush is gone, will the troops rebel or complain more?
  • Yes, they'll feel much freer to complain
  • No, they believe in their mission regardless of administration
  • Not sure if it will have any effect
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It seems likely that Barack Obama will take this election. If that happens, how might it affect the landscape in Iraq and Afghanistan?
This is just my guess, but it seems likely that many military personnel that have been upset or holding their tongues with the Bush administration will feel much freer to voice their opinions or even speak of experiences that they previously felt they couldn't speak about.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HAARP, simple science or military gone Tesla crazy?

Have you heard of HAARP, and your feelings on this?
  • -haven't heard of HAARP
  • -heard of it, but not sure what it is
  • -just a harmless military science experiment
  • -believe the military is up to more than just simple science
  • -believe HAARP may drastically harm the ionosphere
  • -believe HAARP could cause unforeseen harm in many ways
  • other
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HAARP is something I've only recently become aware of, yet it immediately sounds concerning. The fact that the military is conducting a science experiment in the atmosphere is enough to make me wonder, "Okay, what the hell are they up to?" I don't know any reasonable person that trusts the military to make sound decisions that consider environmental and human impacts into account.
There are loads of websites actively encouraging the HAARP discussion.

Here is some of what one scientist (who prefers anonymity) has to say regarding HAARP;
I still cannot get a definitive answer on the ultimate purpose of data gained from these heaters. Depending on who you believe, it's either aimed at improving the performance of space based systems that are being built anyway, or it's a rediscovery of The Secret Tesla Death Ray. It's either a great new source of low-frequency radio waves for military comm or recon, or a new generation of directed-energy weapon that will terrorize the planet, turning the Pax Americana into global fact, allowing a despotic U.S. government to roll over the world and divide it up between corporations.

This web page generates more e-mail than all my others put together. This mail is private, and off the record, which is kind of too bad, because it would make a book in itself. There are people who hear HAARP in their heads. There are people who blame HAARP for everything from their headaches to giant power blackouts. When the Kosovo war came, it was pretty much universally assumed that HAARP was participating. Since HAARP did transmit during the period, rumors ran wild.

There are people, usually with physics degrees, who have "done the math," and are convinced that the military is only a few years from global domination, burning cities, charred bodies, a civilization under a sword of fire. There are people, also with physics degrees, who tell me that the whole thing is radio astronomy, it's geeks with arcane degrees, it's data that will improve life and freedom.

What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to know.
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow, Italy is a wonderful country!

We just got back from a brief but perfect trip in Italy. We spent time in Rome, Florence, Monterosso al Mare, and flew back from Milan. There is so much to say about this wonderful country, so much history, so much art, so much appreciation for life. We got lost touring the amazing churches of Rome's St. Peter's Basilica and the Duomo in Florence. We zapped around with crazy drivers on the city streets and the gorgeous countryside. We toured a 12th century castle and drank more than our fair share of wine and olive oil. We spent relaxing days exploring the beach town of Monterosso al Mare and splashing in the warm and (usually) calm waters of the Mediterranean. We ate gelato, pizza, pasta and fish. We cannot say enough about this wonderful country.
Next time we'll even consider taking the kids.