Tuesday, June 14, 2016

All-Time NBA Fantasy Dream Team: Old School vs New School

If you could pick 5 players in their prime for the ultimate NBA fantasy dream team, who would it be? And do you go old school, or new school with active players, or a team of each? The possibilities are endless though I believe some of my picks should be universal.
Here's my old school dream team:
Michael Jordan - shooting guard. The consensus greatest all-around player.
Born: 2/17/63 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
High School: Laney (Wilmington, N.C.)
College: North Carolina (won NCAA championship 1982)
Drafted: Chicago Bulls (1984, 1st round - 3rd pick)
Height: 6-6; Weight: 216 lbs.
Honors: Six-time NBA champion (1991-93, '96-98); Five-time NBA MVP (1988, '91, '92, '96, '98); Ten-time NBA First Team (1987-93, 1996-98); Nine-time All-Defensive First Team (1988-93, 1996-98); Fourteen-time All-Star; Rookie of the Year (1985); Olympic gold medalist (1984, '92). In the 1982 NCAA championship he hit the game-winning shot as a freshman for a North Carolina win over Georgetown.

Magic Johnson - point guard. Magic put the show in the "Showtime" Lakers.
Born: 8/14/59 in Lansing, Michigan
High School: Everett (Lansing)
College: Michigan State (won NCAA championship 1979)
Drafted: L.A. Lakers (1979, 1st round - 1st pick)
Height: 6-9; Weight: 255 lbs.
Honors: Five-time NBA champion (1980, '82, '85, '87-88); Three-time NBA MVP (1987, '89, '90); Nine-time NBA First Team (1983-91); Twelve-time All-Star; Olympic gold medalist (1992). The 1979 NCAA championship featured the beginning of the rivalry between future Hall of Famers Johnson and Larry Bird, remains the highest-rated game in the history of televised college basketball.

Tim Duncan - power forward. The Big Fundamental.
Born: 4/25/76 in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
High School: Saint Dunstan's Episcopal (St. Croix)
College: Wake Forest 
Drafted: San Antonio Spurs (1997, 1st round - 1st pick)
Height: 6-11; Weight: 250 lbs. 
Honors: Five-time NBA champion (1999, '03, '05, '07, '14); Two-time NBA MVP (2002-03); Ten-time NBA First Team (1998-2005, '07, '13); Eight-time All-Defensive First Team (1999-2003, '05, 2007-08); Fifteen-time All-Star; Rookie of the Year (1998).

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - center. NBA all-time leading scorer with 38,387 points.
Born: 8/16/47 in New York City
High School: Power Memorial (N.Y.)
College: UCLA (won 3 NCAA championships 1967-69)
Drafted: Milwaukee Bucks (1969, 1st round - 1st pick)
Height: 7-2; Weight: 267 lbs.
Honors: Six-time NBA champion (1971, '80, '82, '85, '87-88); Six-time NBA MVP (1971, '72, '74, '76, '77, '80); Ten-time NBA First Team; Five-time All-Defensive First Team; Nineteen-time All-Star; Rookie of the Year (1970).

LeBron James - small forward. Numerous "youngest to" distinctions including youngest player to score 25,000 career points.
Born: 12/30/84 in Akron, Ohio
High School: St. Vincent - St. Mary (Akron)
College: none
Drafted: Cleveland Cavaliers (2003, 1st round - 1st pick)
Height: 6-8; Weight: 250 lbs.
Honors: Three-time NBA champion (2012-13, 16); Four-time NBA MVP (2009, '10, '12, '13); Ten-time NBA First Team (2006, '08-'16); Five-time All-Defensive First Team (2009-13); Twelve-time All-Star; Rookie of the Year (2004); Olympic gold medalist (2008, '12).

However, I also have an active players lineup that is a bit smaller and lighter, but could probably beat anybody because of their athleticism and skills. It's possible that the greatest players of all time are actually playing right now. Imagine a lineup with Anthony Davis, Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

Other nominees include (old school): Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Oscar Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Pete Maravich, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Elgin Baylor, Karl Malone, David Robinson, Dirk Nowitzki, James Worthy, Clyde Drexler, George Gervin, Isiah Thomas, (active players) Dwyane Wade, Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook and many more.

Who are your starting 5 NBA fantasy dream team players?

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