Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lemon Juice to Remove a Growing Mole?

Recently I noticed a small, dark mole growing on my upper cheek beneath my left eye. It didn't used to be there as photos from years back confirmed, and I was concerned about the rate it was growing.

Due to the expense, I rarely visit doctors. Plus the thought of a dermatologist recommending to cut it off my face didn't excite me. For a while I did nothing about it.

Then one morning I woke up with an odd inspiration: put lemon juice on it.

I rubbed fresh lemon juice directly on it and repeated that a few times daily. It didn't take long to see and feel a red irritation during and after the application. This photo below is about 3 days into the treatment (when it finally dawned on me to document it).

These next photos are from the 5th and 8th days of the treatment. The redness accompanying the irritation on the skin around the mole gave me both reassurance that something was happening and also concern that the results might not be good. People asked if I had been in a fight.

Eventually the redness subsided. The irritation also went away while I continued the treatment a few times each day. The next photo is from Day 17.

The next photos are from the 2 and 3 month range. (I also got a new phone so the pics below are mirror image to the ones before.) I continued the treatment for about 3 months even though by then there was no more irritation or redness, which in my opinion suggested whatever had happened from the lemon juice had happened and was over.

It seemed the bulk of the mole had fallen off, perhaps in the shower or during sleep. The final result was like a light brown freckle that looked very benign.

The redness and irritation were long gone. I stopped the lemon juice treatment and over time it continued to fade. I no longer worried about it as it faded a bit more each month.

A year and a half has passed, and I've realized the mole/freckle thing has almost disappeared entirely. Upon close inspection, it looks like a small, faint freckle.

I'm not a doctor nor qualified to give medical advice to others. However it seems to me the lemon juice treatment for a growing and concerning mole really worked in this case. I have since done some research online and found that lemons have a long history of medical uses. In fact, they may be something of a cure-all.

In posts to follow, I will be testing the lemon juice treatment on two other issues I'm dealing with that have both been biopsied by doctors: one is a mole on my arm labeled as atypia displastic melanocytic nevus (potentially skin cancer with the recommendation to cut it off), and the other is a benign hemangioma tumor in my leg.

I will include links to those posts once they're published

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