Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Book Review Copies Available

We're celebrating spring's arrival with the bonanza super sale--author code for free ebooks to readers/reviewers. As usual, the understanding is that reviews will express truthful opinions with utmost integrity, allowing for painful brutality, mushy gushing or anything in between.

Both The Little Universe and Jim's Life are each available for review copies to readers. It is asked that the reader be willing to give a review at Amazon.

That's all it takes to enjoy the books. Easy as 1-2-3. Here's how to order:

1. - readers may contact the author directly at this email: jason (at) the little universe (all one word of course) (dot) com. Mobi, Epub and PDF files are available for your e-reading pleasure.
2. - there is no 2.
3. - put Reading Bonanza Super Sale in the Subject Line and list your file preference (mobi, epub or pdf).

Blurbs of each book below. (Each contains adult themes--readers should be 18 years or older)

What if you could create a universe: a miniature self-enclosed universe? Imagine having probing cameras that could focus to any star or planet looking for life. And once you found life, what if you could accelerate time and watch it evolve? What might you find?

These are not the questions Jon Gruber ponders as he pedals to his next carpentry job. Over thirty and unmarried, he doesn't even own a car. But a new assignment challenges him to rethink his place in the world. Is he a loser? Or is he about to become a partner in an experiment of phenomenal discovery?

Webster Adams, astronomer, inventor, and Jon's latest client, performs such an experiment. To Webster's amazement, he finds planets and cultures beyond his wildest dreams. His little universe turns into a discovery machine--an overnight goldmine. He and his crew observe societies so far past them on levels of technology and spirituality, that the world will be forever changed.

Webster's lovely daughter, Whitney, also overwhelms Jon. She opens his eyes to the deeper meanings within the experiment by finding the most advanced beings within the project--the spirit guides from Theta 7.

The Little Universe is a mind expanding concept. For Webster Adams, one question immediately comes to light. "If I can create a universe," he wonders, "then who created ours?"

Can it be proven that some form of God exists? Or is life random and free-flowing without purpose? Along with Jon, you, the reader, will be presented a new perspective on life and your role in the great mystery of the universe.

A teenage boy on trial can see and heal the human light fields, becoming a miracle healer while the world argues over his case. Sequel to The Little Universe.

Australia 2150 AD

Jim experiences a soul transfer with the body of a 15 year old boy who died in an accident while running from a crime. Jim is revived in the hospital with amnesia and brain damage that affects his pineal gland and vision processing. Too much DMT (Dimethyltriptamine) is produced, a naturally occurring neuro-chemical that causes dreams and hallucinations. His vision is permanently altered so that he can see the light force within people, chakras and auras, as well as his own luminosities. In time he learns to work with these lights and becomes a miracle healer, drawing comparisons to a messiah. All the while he's on trial for a crime he didn't commit.

As his case becomes a source of global interest, two things become clear; a brutal rape occurred and he can now heal others by touch. As the environment reaches a frenzy, everyone wants a part of Jim. Nurses want to sleep with him, endorsements come from every angle, skeptics come to debunk him, patients need his healing touch, and still others want to train him to become the leader he was destined to be.

A story of spirituality, the courts of justice and the power of love.

It's springtime with summer coming soon. That means one thing--reading bonanza super sale! Get your mind out of the gutter and into some great fiction. Hurry while supplies last.

Thoughts or comments?

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Monday, April 01, 2013

5th Annual Digital Publishing Boot Camp Starts Soon

1st place winner in 2013 Small Business Book Awards.

- The event takes place from April 16 - 25, find the complete event schedule on the website.- already 112 people registered in March alone.
- The Early Bird special pricing runs through midnight on April 11th
-more info at website.

eBook Publishing Boot Camp --
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