Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just accepted the Body For Life, 12 week challenge

Okay, the fat and weakness have to go. (Not sticking my belly out on purpose as it may appear. No, unfortunately, that's my belly!) Tipped the scales at a startling 197 lbs and not proud of it. Just accepted the 12 week challenge from Body For Life.
At the risk of showing the before picture, my ego decided to let go of any remaining dignity and just do it.
So here he is, Jason Minor Matthews in all his glory and then some.
12 weeks from now, you'll see...

If you want to learn more about the 12 week challenge, Body For Life, or Bill Phillips, click on this link

Ever done something like this before? How'd it go?
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pitch for movie

Hi. If you're reading this, perhaps you're interested in my pitch or you're thinking about your own pitch and how you might make it better. I've recently heard some pretty good advice from some well known agents, and they all seemed to say the same thing. A good pitch should contain 3 things; a set-up, a hook, and a resolution.

This concept of 3 things reminds me of another important 3 in story telling which is; a beginning, a middle, and an end.

That being said, I think I'll give you my pitch as an example. You may like it or not, but it will be there for critique or praise and perhaps help you in one way or another.

So here goes my pitch for The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within by Jason Matthews.

My pitch - Think Forrest Gump, Star Wars, and Ghost. Webster Adams, never knew if the subparticle experiment within the universe generator would work - and actually create a miniature, self-enclosed universe! Nor did he think his passed wife, Rose, would ever win their bet - on whether it could be proven to him that some type of God force must exist.

The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within is a story (both novel and screenplay) that is as grand as the universe and as small as a child's dream. There are other planets, there is psychic wisdom and there is the simplicity of being yourself and connecting with a higher power.

Let me ask you this; What if you had a universe inside a building, and you had very powerful cameras that could search throughout its entirety? What might you discover? Imagine zooming in for close ups to other galaxies - stars - planets - habitable worlds - and ultimately a whole bunch of life taking shape! Imagine peeping in on advanced societies, way more advanced than ourselves!

What could you learn from studying all these worlds? I don't want all the surprises spoiled in the pitch - but I can tell you that Webster and his crew witness the works of societies so far past their own that the world is forever changed.

This project, The Universe Generator (original screenplay title) is a discovery machine, an overnight goldmine, and in the end - an unexpected search for God and the meaning to life.

Some characters; narrated by Jon Gruber, the assistant to Webster, who speaks in a language everyone can understand. Whitney Adams, daughter of Rose and Webster, who finds the most advanced beings within the project - the spirit guides from Theta 7, and becomes a medium for their wisdom through her meditations with them. Frank Maxwell, the financier who enjoys the tremendous technology and patents that come from other worlds. Jessica Baxter, Frank's assistant, who falls into a love triangle with Jon and Whitney, helping Jon recognize his dilemma between the thrill of techno advances and the need to realize spiritual responsibility with his planet. Jim, the computer system - an advance in artificial intelligence who discovers what he truly desires is to be a real boy.

I hope you will request a copy of this novel and screenplay. I understand the hurdle it faces with the competition out there. All I can say is that this novel has been my life for many years. My blood, sweat, tears and wallet are all riding with it, and I will go to any height to see it reach its destiny. I am also halfway through the sequel, Jim's Life. You may read several reviews at my websites.

So that's one example of a pitch. Hopefully it draws the listener in without being super-longwinded. Maybe one of the most important elements of a pitch is - does it make the listener want to hear more?

Remember - there are no rules, just guidelines. Your pitch may be completely unique, but following some basic guidelines are a good idea if you want others to "get it".

Good luck and blessings to you and your pitch.