Sunday, November 23, 2008

BCS playoffs, Vote for new design of BCS playoffs.

I believe the best design for a college football playoff is to start with the top 8 bowl games, which represent 16 of the best teams in America. Take the winners of the top 8 games, and let them play a single elimination tournament to crown a champion after 3 games won. This could begin the first week after the New Year's Bowl games, and it could be concluded before the end of January.
Vote below for your thought on the BCS Playoff Debate.

Should BCS have a playoff, and if so what would be the best design for a BCS playoff?
Take the winners from the top 8 bowl games and have a 3 week playoff system.
Take the winners from the top 4 bowl games and have a 2 week playoff system.
Play fewer regular season games and more playoff games.
No playoffs. The BCS isn't perfect, but leave it as it is.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mayan Fire Ceremony, 11-11-2008

Last night under a fairly full moon, my wife, myself and a group of close friends conducted a fire ceremony in the spirit of the Mayan method. We each breathed life into the offerings and made many prayers for the energy from the fire to bring light and healing vibrations to humankind and Mother Earth. Below is a brief video from the evening.

If interested in hearing more about it or Theta Healing, please contact Jana Groscost-Matthews at her website,

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama has people dancing in the streets!

When Barack Obama was elected, the response was people dancing in the streets across the nation. Why do you think people were so excited? (check all that apply)
  • Because he is the first black (half-black) President
  • Because he can help the economy and America in general
  • Because he says he will end the war in Iraq
  • Because people are so fed up with the Bush administration
  • Because he is a Democrat
  • Other
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I have never felt or seen so much excitement and enthusiasm following a presidential election. To see people dancing in the streets across this great nation was a thing to behold. My friends, family (some of them), and I have also been dancing. We have our reasons - namely that we're so sick and tired of having the Bush administration try to choke us with threats of fear and terror.

But I'd love to hear from others. Please feel free to take this poll and/or to leave a comment below.