Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Charleen's iPhone Picture of the Sun at Carlsbad

Amazing photo of sun and lighted objects over ocean at Carlsbad California
My good friend, Charleen Buriello, took this amazing photo while walking near the beach in Carlsbad, California. She said the sun just looked different, sort of "hexagonal," and so she snapped this image with her iPhone. She also felt something, like a powerful presence about the whole situation.
Later when she looked at the photo, she noticed... it just looked incredible. The sun and the smaller well-defined white light to the right, the circular and transparent image behind that light. It all kind of gave her goose bumps in a good way.
I really love this photo and could stare at it for a long time. Plus it's a lot safer than staring at the sun.
What do you think? Other energies at play here or just some lighting effects on an iPhone?


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I've been taking pictures of that for the past 2 years all from different phones and cameras...still don't know what it is...

  2. I take pictures of the sun all the time....and I am always amazed of the results...

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