Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Here Finally

This past winter in Truckee was particularly long. Actually, so was last year's winter. That's why my wife is constantly talking about moving and why we're so relieved summer is finally here.
The kids are still in school today. I know, you're kidding, right? Not kidding. Today is the last day of school. Shelby's taking a final right now while Devan is... well, whatever 7th graders without lockers do on their last day of school. The semester got extended due to the high number of snow days we had.
Now that summer is finally here, we'll be staying up a little later, sleeping in a little later, wearing less clothes and having more fun in the sun.
As a tribute to June 22nd and summer 2011, I'd like to watch a bit of those old time summer classics, like Grease.

Then of course was my all time favorite, Jaws, the 1975 movie that came out when I was 7 and scared the crap out of me even in swimming pools since I knew great white sharks could also magically appear out from the drain at the bottom of the deep end.

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