Monday, February 25, 2008

God Within

I feel like there's a new spiritual movement going around, and it doesn't yet have a name. Maybe it never will, but it seems to be focused on God Within.
I'm working with this concept in Jim's Life, the sequel to The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within.
As I see it, God Within is a spiritual premise that there is God within all of us, and perhaps all things such as molecules.
What would be the purpose or need to study doctrines of established religions, (other than history and education of course), if the truth and connection exists within all of us at every moment?
We all know how ridiculous it is to argue that one religion is the truth while the others miss the mark either by a little or by a lot. If that is the case, then perhaps there is no true religion.
Perhaps something like God Within is more accurate, a relationship that continually is there with a Creator in a way that cannot be defined by conventional doctrines.
Perhaps we are the vessel in which God evolves, and for that reason there are no established rules. Guidelines yes, rules... I don't believe so.

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