Monday, February 25, 2008

Jana Groscost, Theta Healer

I've got a great life partner in my wife, Jana. It seems coincidental that she's a Theta Healer, and my novel talks about the Thetans as the spirit guides of the universe. But then, is anything a true coincidence?
(Check out her website, either or if interested in learning more about her.)
When she told me about Theta healing, I had no idea it existed but thought it was pretty cool that I had sort of tapped into that with The Big Bang. She told me she got goosebumps when she read my novel. Guess the stars lined up for us.
So now I'm learning more about it, and rest assured, Theta Healing will be a part of Jim's Life and hopefully more a part of future medicine.
What if we all had the ability to heal like Christ did? Might Jesus Christ have been a Theta Healer?

To learn more about Jana and Theta Healing, click here -

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