Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dr. Emoto's water crystals

Have you seen the Dr. Emoto water crystal experiment? If you've never seen this - please google it as soon as you have a minute! Absolutely fantastic science experiment. Or click here -

Water crystals form in different ways, structurally, as they freeze. Sort of like no two snowflakes being exactly the same. Dr. Emoto's experiments found that the energy around the crystal affected its formation. He tried all kinds of inputs as a water crystal was slowly frozen - music, written words, prayer, etc. The results were amazing and make sense. Loving thoughts, music and prayer produced by far the most beautiful and elegant crystals - while hateful thoughts music and words produced somewhat deranged looking crystals.

The experiment is an example of ever present energy affecting other things. If a water crystal forms in a deranged way because of energy around it - doesn't this indicate that children do too? I think we all agree that it's easy to see the correlation with how to raise a baby.

But what about society? What do you think the effect on society is when we stick them in a room for two hours (sometimes 85 mins.) and show them horrible acts of violence mixed with awful dialogue and disturbing music?

When I say raise your energy to a higher level, I'm talking about in everything you do. And no, I'm not telling people what they can and can't watch or listen to - we all have free choice.

But if people make an effort to think about their energy inputs and maybe to filter out some of the noise and replace it with something that touches the heart... that's a good start. If people here go even further and make a real effort to emit kindness, compassion, a bit of understanding, forgiveness, and live their life in a way that becomes beautiful music - the world will be a better place.

Can we make more films of this nature?

The Big Bang in some ways is the prerunner for something that goes much deeper on this issue. Jim's Life is most certainly about consciously working on the energy that we emit, as well as the energy that we allow to surround us.

I hope it speaks to your heart while also being good entertainment.

Another good film to see is What The Bleep Do We Know. and this site also has info on the crystals.

What are your thoughts? Add a comment.

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