Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Theta Healing

I didn't know about Theta Healing when I first wrote The Big Bang; Notes From Looking Within. It just seemed like a good choice to name that planet at the time.
Later, when I met my wife, Jana, she informed me about Theta Healing since that is something she does. I must admit it felt a little cool knowing this choice was so appropriate. I mean, surely none of the other planets in the novel should be called Theta but Theta 7. And clearly, these people are not just guides of the universe, they are also healers.
We'll learn a lot more about Theta Healing in the sequel, Jim's Life. I just wish I could write novels faster.
Hmmm... what would the Thetans say?

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  1. That's really a great coincidence regarding Thetahealing and your novel. I can't wait to read your next novel.

  2. Ahh Thetahealing, the brilliant use of the state of theta, healing modalities mostly have this as a common denominator.

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