Tuesday, April 22, 2008

911 Truth, 911 Mysteries, Zeitgeist, Terrorstorm

Dear Family and Friends,

There are times in life when we do things and make a stand even though we predict our actions will be met with heavy resistance. This is one of those times.

I also heavily resisted watching these videos, for the last thing in the world I wanted to believe was that 911 was an inside job.

I went into these video skeptical and angry, angry that the concept even existed. After watching them, I was much angrier, but for a completely different reason. For now, I truly believe 911 was an inside job. Only comparisons to the Holocaust make me as sick that this could happen and that people intended to get away with it. (by the way, there are people who don’t believe the Holocaust happened. I write this letter on 4-20, Hitler’s birthday. Ironic.)

911 Truth is a movement that has already gained widespread acceptance. Years ago, as people started investigating 911 mysteries, the movement was met with incredible resistance, as you might imagine. What made 911 Truth continue to gather support, is the abundance of physical evidence and intelligent people supporting it. (Google it) The tipping point is getting near.

If you’re not aware of this concept, 911 Truth, then I’d like to present the case that you owe it to America to at least check it out and make up your own mind.

There are videos you must see. 911 Mysteries, Zeitgeist, and Terrorstorm. All of which deal with the myth of 911 as the public knows it, the history of False Flags, and the connection between organized religion, banking, and world domination.

When you watch the videos, perhaps the single most obvious smoking gun that demolition experts were involved, is the falling of WTC Building number 7. Please watch it and think to yourself, "what made this building fall?"

To the Americans in all of you, thank you for watching these. At the very least, you will be aware of 911 Truth and the controversy that is now sweeping our nation. If you’ve already seen them, then thank you. I will appeal for obvious reasons that you pass this information on to others.

God Bless America.

Click here to order videos - http://onedollardvdproject.com/DVD-new/Order.html I highly recommend 911 Mysteries!

Clcik here to watch Zeitgeist online - http://zeitgeistmovie.com/

Jason Matthews

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