Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin family: Comedy of errors? Or sad state of America? Who is the real mother - Sarah or Bristol? Vote here.

This election is getting wackier by the minute. Regardless of how you feel about the situation, one thing is sure... Sarah Palin has some hard questions to answer about her family and the seemingly bizarre elements of Trig's story.

To those of you who say "family is off limits" or "leave it alone" or "what happens in Alaska stays in Alaska"... I say in response that Sarah Palin is possibly one small step away from being the leader of the free world and this is most certainly everyone's business.

Now, even supporters of Palin must recognize a string of bizarre elements to the "official story" that Trig is Sarah's baby. Let's all withhold judgement for a moment and go with the story... that Sarah surprised everyone at work with a revelation that she was 7 months pregnant when she did not show, that photos and video seem to have her not the least bit pregnant at 7 months, that her water broke at 8 months with a Down's Syndrome baby to which she proceeded to give a 30 minute speech followed by an 8 hour flight from Texas to Alaska without alerting the crew then to a 45 minute drive to the hospital, which then announced the birth of two babies that day but neither of them happened to be the Governor of Alaska's, and yes for the past 4 to 5 months Bristol has been kept home from school with the world's worst case of mononucleosis which just happens to coincide with the last months of Trig's time in womb, during said 4 to 5 months of mono Bristol also happened to drive a lot to the extent of getting 3 moving violations including an accident, and Bristol being a popular high school girl also inexplicably transfers to a new high school, and then of course as soon as the rumors spread a whole slew of photos and such are deleted from the family's and other's websites. Whew! Thank God it's not more bizarre than that!

In the true spirit of the American way, we might as well take a vote and see what people really think about this one.

Who is the real mother of Trig Palin? Sarah or Bristol?

Furthermore, regardless of which story is true and who is the real mother, it is safe to say that at least some of the following statements are correct.

1. Sarah Palin is lying to us all.
2. Sarah Palin showed terrible judgement and/or risked the life of her Down's Syndrome baby by boarding an 8 hour flight after her water broke.
3. Sarah Palin is clearly putting her political career ahead of the best interests of her family.
4. Either Sarah Palin will not have time to be a good VP or she will not have time to be a good mother for a Down's Syndrome baby and the other Palin kids.
5. Sarah Palin is the craziest pick for running mate of all time.

Nice job vetting this one to the thorough folks at the McCain camp! Let's just hope that it doesn't get any wackier, and that Bristol and Palin family can get through this.

What are your thoughts? Add a comment. 
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  1. I thought I was losing my mind why the obvious was not being addressed. Either Sarah Palin used the most incredibly poor judgement in handling of the child(fetus) in possible distress, or she is lying about the true birth mother. She can not have it both ways. It almost reminds me of the King Solomon story with the baby and the two woman claiming to be the mother. The true mother was only interested in the safety of the child while the fraudster mother's selfish motives showed through. For Sarah to put her own self first reminds me of the later of the two woman.
    Thank you for your post.

  2. Bass - thank you and nice point on Solomon story.
    Similar thing with Todd Palin not holding baby and Bristol always holding him.

  3. If only half the American population could just add two and two...