Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Home-run by Apple iPad, next batter... Google Editions

google logo written on man's hand
If you’re having trouble keeping up to date on the next biggest thing to revolutionize the publishing industry, you’re not alone. Apple’s iPad came out in the US just barely almost one month ago. How many units have they sold? Over a million as well as 1.5 million ebooks. Say, that sounds like pretty good business, and it doesn’t go international for another few weeks? Yep. It’s big.
The next newcomer to the scene will be Google Editions. With a name like Google it has to be good, we’re thinking. Although they don’t yet have a device specifically made for them, Google will be selling ebooks online starting sometime this summer. They’ve already digitized over 7 million books and are certainly digitizing thousands more as these words are being written and read. This article has more info on it (or you can use a search engine, perhaps Google, to find plenty more) and describes Google as the 800 pound gorilla about to be unleashed in the ebook retailer’s storeroom.
I can’t think of another industry that has as much history as publishing and is changing so freaking fast. 2010 will see Apple’s iPad and Google Editions before it is halfway over. What’s in store for the months to follow?
A few things are sure (in my opinion at least). Publishing has been changed forever. People are reading more than ever and on way more devices. Prices for reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc are dropping dramatically and will continue to. Authors can totally avoid agents and publishers and still make it with talent and persistence. There’s never been a better time for getting your words, voice and opinions out there!
Google angel logo vs Google devil logo
Hello new world. Love it or hate it, this is where we live.

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