Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prologue to Jim's Life

Worn-out garments are shed by the body; worn-out bodies are shed by the dweller within the body. New bodies are donned by the dweller, like garments. - Bhagavad Gita 2:22
The human body is a temporary home for something far more eternal than the body itself. The soul is the essence and everlasting entity within the body. Upon physical death, the soul vacates the flesh and returns to universal source. The return to source is often followed by rest and reflection on the lifetime. Eventually some souls embark again to enter a new body for further experiences, which is widely known as reincarnation. Not a popular belief among Western societies, reincarnation has been accepted for thousands of years among vast groups including Buddhists, Hindus, Orthodox Jews, Africans, Native Americans, Gnostic Christians, ancient Greeks and more. These people believe, or believed, the soul is the true essence of life while the body is a shelter in which to experience and grow.
In rare cases a soul may decide to leave the body without it physically dying, to vacate it and allow that body to become the home for another soul. It is known as soul transference, where one soul leaves a living body as a gift for another. This is a story of one such event.


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