Monday, January 18, 2010

Avatar, a pre-emptive strike brings shock and awe terror to corporate military

Avatar is clearly one of the greatest movies of all time, arguably the greatest. James Cameron has blended a high concept plot with outstanding computer animation and stunning visuals to go with the action/adventure pace that audiences crave.
But what is far more important to me, are the open spiritual messages within the plot and that Avatar clearly makes one point stand out - that deeply rooted connectedness to each other, to all animals, plants and our world itself, are of much greater value than corporate greed backed by military force. Avatar takes the military mindset of "pre-emptive strike," "shock and awe," and "bringing terror to the terrorists" head on, even using these terms specifically pointing out what our military is currently doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Please notice the clear choices of wording in Avatar and their underlying meanings:
Eywa - mother nature itself, the spirit within all life forms and everything that is and is always connected. Notice how much Eywa sounds like Yahweh (Hebrew for God) and even Gaia (spirit of Earth).
Unobtainium - the outrageously expensive mineral being mined from the moon, Pandora (ancient Greek mythology Goddess - giver of all life). The highly prized piece of rock that caused corporate and military minds to destroy everything in order to have it. Surely this is an "unobtainable" treasure, for there is no value in destroying everything else.
The year is 2154, the start of the Aquarian age. Note the color of the Navi's skin... blue.
Jake Sulley is the main character, the one person caught in the middle of doing his job as a marine and becoming a member of the Na'vi (naive, native), the indigenous spiritual culture of Pandora. Jake represents many of us as we take a look in the mirror and have to determine if our choices and direction are ultimately good for all or destroying all.
I could go on and on since this film is packed with metaphors and themes that our culture is presently dealing with. Hollywood is really changing for the better. I absolutely loved this movie and will happily pay to see it again. Nice work, Mr. Cameron. Best of luck with the sequels.

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  1. I saw this movie for the first time over the weekend and OMG I was totally thinking the same thing Jason!
    Tons and tons of metaphors! I had chills the ENTIRE movie.

    Great post Jason. Keep em coming because you could go on and on and on about this movie!

  2. I agree 100% AeriusOccult. Thanks for chiming in!