Friday, January 08, 2010

Create Your Own Website with Chris Farrell, I'm glad I did!

As a tech-newbie, I've spent the last few weeks educating myself on website design. It's been an arduous journey to say the least - my wife has never seen me so frustrated. I have come a long way though there's still a lot to learn. I did however, recently stumble across this excellent and free ebook by Chris Farrell on the subject. This ebook is by far the single best piece of training that I've found. It's concise, easy and fun to follow. Plus, in his videos Chris sounds like he's from Liverpool, like a young John Lennon. Great accent. And he likes his coffee breaks. Check out his ebook and free videos either at his website or where I found it at on this page submitted Dec 12-09  - The advice Chris gives also uses Kompozer, a powerful, easy and free website building program you can find here -
Additionally, a google search surprisingly led me to see some scam alerts about him. When I read through them I also found dozens of positive testimonials from extremely satisfied people like me, including people like me who haven't spent one dime and have learned tremendously from Chris. Yes, he sells memberships to an internet hosting company that, arguably is pricey and comes with tons of bells and whistles if you want to spend a bit extra and get on the fast track to your goals. Nothing wrong with that at all, especially if you understand sometimes you have to invest to really make money. And the beauty is, if you're like me and want to save every penny and do-it-yourself, Chris Farrell will teach you to do it all for free. He truly is a gifted teacher, so check it out.
Oh, and my latest website is only one day old so it's still embarrasingly unfinished and in construction, but you can see it here at or the one I made last week which is finished at and that one also is (hard to believe) absolutely 100% FREE.

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