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Interview with Jessica Eleven, Tarot Reader and Divine Lady

I've had the recent pleasure of getting to know a phenomenal person, Jessica Eleven. She embodies so many of the characteristics I admire and enjoy. She's spiritual while staying grounded, intelligent yet quirky, fun loving and purpose-driven. I was also fortunate and wise enough to take her up on her Free Tarot Fridays offer, an offer that I believe is still happening but maybe not for long. The results of Jessica's Tarot reading struck something within me. I've printed it up and keep it on my desk as a reminder of the tremendously insightful things she told me, some to watch out for and others to focus on. The past few months have been much better because of her advice, and because of that I also became more interested in how she does what she does.
In Jessica's words; I wear many, many hats. I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. In other words an empath (sensitive). I feel people’s emotions, physical pains and sensations and usually thoughts, sometimes as if they were my own. My sister and I have always had a strong telepathic communication and as I’ve gotten older I’ve found the same bond with my lover, close friends, family and even strangers. I was aware at a very early age that I just ‘knew’ things — from guessing what Valentine’s candies my friend had in her bag to talking with my own Guides and Angels. However, I am not ALL knowing and do not claim prophecy, but I am very accurate in my readings and enjoy working with people who wish to Evolve.
How does Tarot work? The Tarot is a form of divination that depicts a probable future based on the current circumstances that have lead to the present moment. Tarot can be looked at from several aspects (i.e. past, present, higher self, short term outcomes, long range outcomes, obstacles, etc) each painting an accurate picture. Futures are probably because nothing is set in stone and what you do in the present will surely effect/ alter the any future. Tarot works best when accompanied with intuition instead of just looking 'blindly' or vaguely at the cards. There are usually 78 cards in a deck and each illustrates common archetypes in the human experience.
How and when did you get involved with reading Tarot? I've been drawn to the Tarot since junior high. I would read occult books out of deep interest but practiced in solitude or with one close friend from school because my family wasn't open to such lifestyles. I bought my first Tarot deck almost 6 years ago at this wonderful small bookstore in St. Louis. I self-taught based on the authors instructions and only did readings on myself for many years. It wasn't until a wonderful teacher named Poornata came into my life and really taught me how to use more of my intuition with the cards.
What's the training process like? And how has it evolved over time? The training process varies depending on the 'school of thought'. I prefer to work with spiritual teachers more so than programs. Our 'training' process consisted of her teaching me how to charge and cleanse my deck, she then helped further my knowledge on doing readings for others while she did readings on me. She would then interpret the cards based on her own intuition and I would record the readings and re-evaluate them using my own insight. I am a very quick learner especially when it comes to spiritual aspects and found the Tarot incredibly easy to grasp. The best training is to practice and I would read almost everyday for myself and several times a month for her.
What are some of the more remarkable things that have come from your Tarot readings? Personally, Tarot has allowed me to refrain from making potentially unfavorable decisions. In readings for others, I've known people to do everything from seek further counseling to better their relationships to setting solid business goals in order to achieve success.  It's inspiring to know that you can have a positive affect on people.
How often do people come back for more? Repeat reading requests are quite normal but usually every two months depending on their own spiritual level of growth.
Do you have a favorite card in the deck? It would have to be The Empress. The first time I ever had a reading done on myself by my Tarot 'mentor' she pulled a Significator card (or Higher Self). It was The Empress. Prior to that I never pulled significator cards for myself -- an ego thing I think.
The Empress is the epitome of Female wisdom, in my opinion. She is part of the Major Arcana of any Tarot deck so she's kinda a big deal LOL. The Empress is creativity, sexuality and sensuality, fertility, nurturing, fulfiller of ideas, mother nature, abundance. Out of all the cards in a 78 deck and I get The Empress, it's quite a humbling experience. 
Do you ever see something that you don't want to disclose, like accidents or death? Tarot doesn't depict ill will (unless your Diviner is more of the negative type), contrary to popular belief, so no, I don't see things like death in the cards. If I do see something that's unfavorable I do disclose the information whole-heartedly. Recently I had a reading where the person wanted to see where their new relationship was headed; I didn't see it being long-term so I notified them of this but explained why and what they could do instead of dwelling. I enjoy providing 'counseling' with readings because to me this isn't about flipping cards onto a table and finding things about oneself that they wish they wouldn't have asked in the first place. To me this is a service that is meant to open eyes and deliver one from their perpetual uncertainty - it's not a crutch either.
Does it matter if someone is physically with you or experiences Tarot from long distance? That's a very popular question and it tickles me. I feel that peoples’ misconceptions of Tarot have been colored by media that they are unaware that energy is universal and travels through space and time with no qualms. In other words, if an intention is set, it resonates throughout the Universe, undoubtedly. Therefore, the information or at least the energetic aspect of the inquiry/ want/ desire can be accessed ANYWHERE -- much like when you think of your lover and they call you that instant. It's about being intuned and picking up signals, signs, scents, and the whole nine. So no -- people don't have to be in the same room with me, they don't even have to be in the same galaxy for that matter!
What is the significance of the number 11? The number 11 is near and dear to me for many reasons that you can check out on my site ( In general the number 11 is considered a 'master' number in astrology. It's a gateway, a portal, an activation number. It's elevation, ascension, and complete chaos if you misuse it. Eleven is many of things and nothing at the same time. I think it has to resonate with the individual in order to have any significance.
What other methods do you utilize for well-being? I have a very vivid imagination and enjoy incorporating visualizations into my work. That is actually one of the things I'm going to start focusing on with Tarot phone sessions instead of email. Visualization is such a powerful tool because if you can imagine it, it will come into fruition. I work with the Law of Attraction and Thought Vibration Healing a lot. I coined the term Thought Vibration Healing because I believe in the power of positive thought, which vibrates into the Universe (hence the reason why Tarot can be done anywhere). If one can see the effects of transforming negative thought, they will begin to see how they can transform their life, completely. Thought Vibration Healing and the LoA work hand in hand because it's about harnessing the divine energy within and without/ around you and making it work for you.
What can we expect to see from Consciously Birthing in 2010 and beyond? I've always been a dreamer and one thing I'm working on diligently is making dreams complete reality. Consciously Birthing's original blueprint from back in 2005 was to be a learning center based on teaching people everything from healthy living to psychic re-activation. I have tons of notes and scribbles from years ago with ideas that I thought were too big but I knew which direction I wanted to go. I finally see that Consciously Birthing is taking the steps in that predestined footprint. I'm anticipating to be a certified Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator in the fall and will surely be incorporating more of the Birthing Arts into Consciously Birthing. Within the next year I would hope to have a steady Divining practice, offering counseling Tarot readings by phone to all who seek to take the next step on their spiritual journey. I want people to feel the difference between your typical $3.99/minute phone psychic to the genuine insight of intuitive Jessica Eleven. This is about elevating individuals on their paths, not standing in their way and grabbing their dollars.
Thank you, Jessica. I find everything you say fascinating, and I hope this blog gets read and shared by many others who can benefit from a little time with you, as I have.
For more information about Jessica and Conscious Birthing, please visit her website:
Consciously Birthing
Intuitive Well-being from Higher Self 

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