Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Little Universe Published with CreateSpace

CreateSpace is really terrific. I still can't believe it’s free to create a book with them. It's a do-it-yourself format, but if you're comfortable with that then it's the way to go. There's only one thing I have to pay for, one proof copy must be made and shipped to me. Then I have to approve that before it's live (for sale), and that’s it. Surprisingly, the proof just costs $9 to make and ship, which is less than going to my local printing store and making a copy of my manuscript. Crazy! Publishing a book is less than copying the manuscript?

CreateSpace makes a webpage for my physical book and also Amazon makes a webpage for sales, and much of the profits go to me. It's the best option for POD (print on demand) publishing (as long as you're okay with the DIY format).

Of course both of the ebooks are still available at Amazon. That's free as well. I really can't believe all these options are out there for free.

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