Thursday, September 15, 2011

Edgar Cayce's Psychic Teachings Missing Link to New Age Novel

Back in 2000-2005 when writing The Little Universe, I knew the most incredible discovery of the science project (the universe generator) would be from planet Theta and its people. The Thetans were to be a source of profound knowledge, so deep that they'd be able to answer any question imaginable. At the time, this concept was pretty overwhelming for a young author who didn't want to presume knowledge about life's biggest questions. Fortunately, that's when I stumbled into the readings of Edgar Cayce and found spiritual lessons much in line with the doctrines of the greatest teachers in history and even beyond (in my opinion). Those readings became the perfect voice for The Grandmother and other Thetans mentioned in the story, which enabled me to finish the novel.
If you're not familiar with Edgar Cayce, he's arguably the most famous recorded psychic in history with over 14,000 documented readings. He was born in rural Kentucky and lived from 1877-1945. He's been called "the sleeping prophet" and without any schooling past the 6th grade, he had his greatest success helping others with medical/physical ailments as well as spiritual lessons. You might find this YouTube video of him fascinating. There's loads more on him at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.).

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