Monday, July 02, 2012

Brandi Seduces Jon

This was always one of my favorite parts to The Little Universe, where Jon begins to realize the potentials and temptations (both good and bad) from his new found employment.

One night after a lesson with Jessica, I landed my PFD outside my apartment. A car pulled up next to me. I locked the cabin door and was about to walk up my apartment steps, when a young woman with bright red hair got out of the car and approached me.
“That thing is amazing,” she said.
“It’s pretty cool.”
“You gave a friend of mine a ride two weeks ago. Remember Molly?”
“The girl I met outside the liquor store?”
“You flew over my house that evening. I waved to you from my window.”
“That was you?”
“Molly said it was the most fun she’s ever had.”
“I’d have to agree with that,” I told her.
“Could you take me for a ride?”
“I was about to turn in for the night. Maybe tomorrow?”
“It took me two weeks to figure out where you lived.”
“You’ve been following me?” I asked.
“Every night. I watch the skies and drive the direction I see you go until I lose you. Then I wait there the next evening until I see you overhead. I kept making progress until tonight. I finally found you.”
I looked at her more closely in the dark. She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She had striking red hair and the face of a model. She also wore shorts and a tight blouse revealing long legs and ample curves. I had never been approached by such a beauty. I realized the pick-up potential my new toy was providing. She repeated how interested she would be in a ride, even for just a few minutes.
“Please take me for a ride. I’ll pay you,” she offered.
“What’s your name?”
How could I say no? I unlocked the cabin door and helped Brandi climb up. I buckled her into the passenger’s harness. We took off and flew over the woods behind my apartment.
I told Brandi, “Let me know if anything is too frightening.” Then I proceeded to perform a few stunts. We did several rolls. Brandi clutched my torso and pressed her chest into my back.
She shouted in my ear, “Molly was right! I love it!”
She directed me to fly over her house and then over a few homes of her friends, including Molly’s. She was hoping to see someone, but it was late. After half an hour, we were getting low on fuel. I flew the craft back to my apartment.
Brandi was elated. When we jumped down from the cabin of the PFD, she asked, “May I come inside?”
I thought about Whitney and wondered if I had an obligation to say anything. I let Brandi in and apologized for the mess. She didn’t care. She was still high from the flight.
She said, “That was like a dream come true.”
“I can relate.”
“What about you, Jon? What are some of your dreams?”
When I felt at a loss for words, she kissed me. Before I knew it, Brandi and I were in my bedroom.

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  1. had me with the picture.

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