Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary Love

What's better than a delicious dinner at a great restaurant? Dinner with your lovely wife on your anniversary.

Thank you to my wife, Jana, for years of love and support. Thank you to the staff at Ciopinot in San Luis Obispo, CA for an extraordinary dinner. Enjoying that lobster tail? Looks yummy.

Thank you to whoever invented crème brûlée and pistachio gelato and vodka cream drinks for desert. We left very happy indeed.

Thank you to the kids for staying at home and eating a frozen pizza with a movie and having a great time with it.

Here's to many more.

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  1. Jason, you are so handsome and Jana is so beautiful! Together you guys are a Hollywood couple. So happy you found each other and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

  2. Thank you M-Dog!!!!! Mu-waah