Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DMT Ayahuasca Would You Try These Drugs?

Actually you already have trace amounts of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) in you. It's naturally abundant in plant life and found in many mammals. The Pineal Gland, in the center of your brain, secretes some DMT during REM state of sleep when dreaming occurs. It's also believed to excrete during Near Death Experience, which may account for the visions some people report during NDEs. Modern science is still unsure of its exact purpose, though they relate it to neurotransmitters and hormones like serotonin and melatonin--while mystics and even a few doctors such as Rick Strassman, study it, use it for rituals and refer to it as the Spirit Molecule.

Why do we want to experience altered states? Deep question--won't get answered in a few paragraphs. Some people try drugs out of simple curiosity, common choices like alcohol and marijuana where the prevalence in society makes us feel safer. Other drugs may be relatively known but scare most people away as with methamphetamine and heroin. The horror stories and overdoses aren't worth the risk for the majority of us. Then there are drugs that fall into grey areas, especially psychedelics like LSD or mescaline, where the average person is intimidated but might be coaxed into trying.

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and Ayahuasca (an Amazonian brew containing DMT) are among those grey area drugs--many have never even heard of either while others are curious but would probably have major reservations before experimenting. That's understandable since takers often describe life-changing trips. Even among enthusiasts, DMT is a profound mystery. Commonly reported effects include: fast response, buzzing sounds, geometric patterns, visitation by angels-insects-aliens-spirits of the natural world, portals to other dimensions, connection to infinite wisdom and moments of enlightenment. Some Amazonian Indians use the drug through the plant-based brew, Ayahuasca, as a part of ritual designed to bring awareness for personal purpose and to the nature of life itself.

This is why DMT and Ayahuasca may be so intimidating, from the reports of deeply spiritual, life-changing experiences. Do I really want to delve into the purpose of my existence? Do I really want an experience that might change who I believe I am? These are not easy questions for any person to face head on. See the two videos below: the first is a general intro to DMT, and the second is in-depth and really well done documentary on Ayahuasca at 25 minutes by Alexander Ward.

Intro video on DMT:

Very interesting documentary experience with Amazonian Ayahuasca:

Would you try these--have an experience to share? Leave a comment.
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  1. Wow, very interesting Jason. I must admit I have an aversion to a-n-y thing even like a drug. I don't even take aspirin! Now my ex-husband was a different story. One time 6 of us were hiking through Maui's Haleakala crater (it's remote and very much looks like the surface of the moon)and without telling me they all took acid. It was not a fun experience - well, accept later when they were all sick. :-)

  2. Ex-husband was sneaky sneaky. Wonder what made them sick? Must've been some dirty basement acid :(