Thursday, August 01, 2013

Amazing Human Potentials for Creativity

Human beings are amazing with potentials for creativity. The internet constantly pushes it to higher levels.

From James Maberly's, Cultivating Intuition: the Power of Original Thought;

I was visiting Zimbabwe and whilst there, chanced upon a workshop run by Francois Le Roux, a classical cellist, encouraging young advanced musicians to play their instruments intuitively; to ‘improvise’ as he called it. Slowly but surely he coaxed a number of them up to play their instruments with him, without guidance, just listening to their own creative intuition and freeing themselves from the necessity of following a written score. 
I watched, mesmerised as he drew from these youngsters the most magical sounds, all of their own creation. Tense with anxiety, their first few notes were jarred and awkward but once they realised that they could actually do it, their bodies began to weave with the music and they found a momentum and energy that was delightful to watch. What I was witnessing was each of these young players accessing their own intuitive genius, their own natural creativity unleashed.

10 minutes of amazing human potentials for creativity unleashed.

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  1. OMG this is awesome Jason! I have a little thing about heights so the ones where people (and animals!) were - you know in the air - kind of flipped my stomach but in a good way.

  2. Yeah, I with you on the height thing! "Live to wimp another day" is a fine motto.