Monday, January 10, 2011

Neon Yellow Socks Cost Ducks BCS National Championship, Fashion Coach's Job at Risk

Oregon Ducks bright neon yellow socks

Okay, I'll admit this is a lame (Duck) excuse, but as soon as I saw Oregon take the field with those awful neon yellow socks I knew they were a cooked bird. I wasn't overly worried about the outcome of the game other than it being worth watching and the fact that I had a six-pack on the Ducks, but as soon as I saw that ridiculous choice of lower leg uniform, I knew it was a desperate (pre-game) call by the fashion coach on the sidelines.

True, Oregon made several gut-check calls including a fake extra point early in the game and a fake punt late that both worked to perfection. But clearly the fashion coach wasn't faking anything and whatever he/she was planning just didn't pan out.

I mean, really, what the hell was the fashion coach thinking? That was embarrassing. The team is sponsored by Nike and gets, practically, new uniforms every single game, right? Does that mean the fashion coach gets to make crazy uniforms decisions every other game? Was he/she trying to distract Auburn or just give us all something to talk about over coffee on Tuesday morning? It looked like the prelude to a football version of What Not To Wear.

I don't know the answers to these or other mystical questions on the meaning of life, but all I can saw is "what the hell was the fashion coach thinking? And can I get Nike to pay that six-pack bet to my laughing Auburn friend?" Is there a number in Japan to complain about this?

By the way, the BCS sucks. I think TCU could have taken both of those teams. Get a playoff system or suffer the same fate as the Oregon fashion coach.

What are your thoughts?
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