Sunday, January 30, 2011

Next Time Lucky: Confessions of a Dating Guru - Review

Next Time Lucky Confessions of a Dating Guru ebook by Siggy Buckley
Recently published Next Time Lucky: Confessions of a Dating Guru by Siggy Buckley is a very enjoyable book, one that appeals to a broad audience. If you've ever experienced (or just considered trying) online dating, it's a must read.

From the Editorial Amazon description:

So you think you know about online dating for the over 40s?
Cherie, a professional matchmaker from Dublin, Ireland, faces the ultimate challenge when she tries to find a soul mate for herself. She surfs the risky waves of the Internet and flies around the world to adventures, disappointments and not a few surprises. Chat-rooms prove to be intoxicating, and Cherie feels like in a kid in a candystore. Among the Lotharios she encounters are recycled bachelors, breezy islands of ego, fly-by-nights, birds of paradise, commitment phobics, and the odd sex maniac. She learns the hard way that it's easy come, uneasy go at this smorgasboard of cyber-dreamboats.
Her story is an intriguing read, offering a revealing glimpse into the world of cyber romance for singles that are toying with the idea, for those who haven’t dared yet, or those who just want to compare notes. It also discloses practical advice for modern day’s mate selection through the eyes of a dating expert, both on the Internet and in the real world.
With insight and great humor, Siggy Buckley tells the sassy story of a modern woman's dilemma of being independent yet longing for coupledom. 

My review:

5 stars. This genre gets read mostly by women, but the men out there will surely enjoy and benefit just as much if not more. The author does a masterful job of bringing us along through the highs and lows of internet dating (plenty of amusing lows), of the awkward and intriguing experiences when searching for love after a divorce and grown kids. The writing is extremely polished: clever, funny, erotic and tasteful. There is much insight about both sexes, a true study of human natures. In her quest of finding the next Mr. Right or often Mr. Right Now, main character Cherie takes one for the rest of us and provides her tales to learn from. It will feel laughingly familiar to those who have done it, serve as valued education for those considering it, and entertain anyone who enjoys the deeper meanings within all relationships. As a Yank I also enjoyed the European flavors, a multinational representation of characters that added to the fun.

Also lots more info on the book and Siggy Buckley at her website.

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