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Pianeta Ristorante, Fine Italian Cuisine for Truckee CA

Pianeta Ristorante Truckee
Pianeta is a great Truckee restaurant situated in the middle of the old downtown strip though many people might not know about it since it's easy to walk by and only been around since 1998. I don't typically write restaurant reviews nor am I super qualified but wanted to because it's one of my local favorites.
I rarely splurge at venues with higher priced menus, but when it happens I prefer a classy and unpretentious place like Pianeta. As said, it's a bit pricey compared to some Truckee eateries, similar to places like Dragonfly, Moody's and Cottonwood. The cost is more than justified by the fine food and ambiance.
The atmosphere is cozy, dimly lit and reminiscent of an old world establishment. The decor is European with faux finishing and some fresco appeal. Brick and rock walls support art remakes like DaVinci outside of dark wood framing and tables. The staff and mood are positive while relaxed, a common Truckee attitude which naturally reflects on the customers. It's a perfect locale for a special occasion, good for birthdays and first dates.
We were recently there on a Monday night. I didn't feel the need to make a reservation but went ahead and placed one. Good thing too; the restaurant was packed, and the staff doesn't hurry to move people in and out as is so common this far from Italy.
Devan, Shelby, Jason Matthews and Jana Matthews enjoying dinner at Pianeta Ristorante Truckee CAOur foursome split a couple of appetizers and a nice variety of entrees for sampling. Items included mixed salad of marinated olives, peppers, meats and cheeses, fresh breads, seafood stew, chicken marsala, canneloni, fish, wine by the glass. In fact, I had an excellent Italian Cabernet at just $7/glass. We've been there about 5 times and have always loved the food, staff and atmosphere. I've heard they have a great happy hour as well, just haven't been there then so will make the effort.
If you want a really nice dinner in Truckee and like Italian, you'll enjoy the experience at Pianeta.
Have you eaten there? What did you think?
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